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Say Hello to Mighty!

on December 22, 2021

TOR™ Mighty is made with fish collagen sourced from France, and this is the only collagen ingredient in TOR™ Mighty. It conforms to the highest QESH standards. Sustainably sourced from whitefish, Marine in Mighty is a seasonal product, as it is based on wild-caught fish.

Let's answer some FAQs on TOR™ Mighty!

Why do we need one more collagen, when we already have two types of fish collagen at CHOSEN® Store?

At CHOSEN® Store, we aim to bring you only the best of world class collagens. By adding more collagen sources, we are looking at improving the complementarity of the collagens you take. Just like how there are many strains of millets, with many different advantages, fish collagens from different fish sources have some advantages over each other. The idea is to provide the body with as many sources of collagen as possible, to make sure we have the lead on anti-ageing. This is also the reason we encourage you to take varied sources of protein in your diet.

Why is this fish collagen a seasonal product?

Wild caught fish based collagens like TOR™ Mighty depend on sustainable fishing practices, to avoid overfishing and depletion of natural resources in the ocean. For this reason, the availability of these products is seasonal, and depends on the catch in a particular season. TOR™ Classic is obtained from fish farms, which offers a different set of collagen peptides, and tends to be available throughout the year, but at specified times, depending on the time to fish maturity. All these products are clinically approved, research based and food grade, GRAS certified, and so are safe for consumption, as an over the counter product.

Will there be more fish collagen products at CHOSEN®?

Of course! It takes the Research and Development team at CHOSEN®, close to a year to develop and bring in each newer variant, and they are on to two more variants right now, mostly likely available in 4-6 months from now.

How to choose a correct collagen from the TOR™ Mighty range?

The TOR™ Mighty range is available in two flavors: Natural Pomegranate and Nature Identical Chocolate, allowing you to choose according to your taste preferences. Both versions work best as post-workout recovery drinks.