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best hair growth serum combo
Redensyl for hair
Melatonin for hair growth

    AM - PM Hair Growth Serum Combo

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    CHOSEN brings you the best AM - PM hair growth serum combo in India to quickly arrest your hairfall and promote faster hair growth.

    This new hair growth serum combo can be a perfect starter if you are someone to start your hair growth journey to stabilise your hairfall cycle.

    The unique caffeine-redensyl complex in Morning Lark Redensyl acts on hair follicle stem cells and quickly transits dormant hair follicles to the anagen/growth phase.

    On the other hand, Night Owl Melatonin Scalp Solution acts as an antioxidant which delays hair ageing and restores the natural growth rhythm of the hair.

    How to use this AM - PM hair growth combo?

    • Spray 5 pumps of Morning Lark Redensyl directly on the concerned areas of the scalp during the daytime.

    • At night before bedtime, spray 6 pumps of Night Owl Melatonin Scalp Solution directly on the scalp with a special focus on areas of hair thinning.

    • Make sure to massage gently for a few minutes with fingertips/scalp massager after the application of these hair growth serums.

    This hair growth combo works best for,

    • Male pattern hairfall

    • Female pattern hairfall

    • Telogen effluvium(Hairfall due to stress, illness etc.)

    How long to use this Caffeine-Redensyl-Melatonin combo?

    • You can use Morning Lark Redensyl for up to 12 weeks and then step down to Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate for 12 more weeks, after which you can maintain with Morning Lark Caffeine Daily.

    • Night Owl Melatonin Scalp Solution can be used for about 12 to 24 weeks. Click this link to know how to taper this best melatonin hair growth serum in India.

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