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TOR Mighty Marine Collagen Powder for youthful looking skin
Marine collagen powder
TOR Mighty Chocolate Collagen Powder
Marine collagen supplement
Best collagen supplements
TOR Mighty MiniPack Collagen for skin
TOR Mighty Pome Collagen Powder
best collagen supplements in India
Collagen for skin
TOR Mighty Pome Collagen Supplement
TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen
TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen
TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen
TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen

    TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen

    Best fish collagen powder for sagging skin

    KEY BENEFITS : Increases Skin Elasticity | Skin Lifting & Firming | Reduces Wrinkles | Improves Hair Characteristics | Improves Bone Health | Reduces Scars.

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    Repair . Replenish
    with the best skin and hair supplement
    Why take collagen?

    Complement your skincare & haircare with


    Improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

    Skin repair & healing.

    best marine collagen supplement for skin and hair

    Improves hair growth.

    Increases hair tensile strength.

    Why is this best for me?
    Get the best with TOR™ Mighty
    TOR™ Mighty Fish collagen peptides are GRAS certified ensuring
    superior quality collagen to add to your diet. The Peptan® Marine
    in TOR™ Mighty is considered a clean label ingredient.
    What does Peptan® Marine do for my skin & hair?
    - Active Ingredient -
    Fish Collagen
    Collagen For Skin

    Delays signs of aging

    Improves cellulite affected areas.

    Moisturises the skin

    Gives you a smooth skin

    best collagen supplement for glowing skin

    Increases the density of collagen in the skin’s

    Improves your overall skin health.

    Collagen For HAIR

    Can be used as an adjuvant in men & women undergoing treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

    best fish collagen for strong hair

    Improves hair health for both men & women.

    Reduces hair thinning.

    best skin supplement
    Sustainable Skincare

    Sourced sustainably from
    wild caught marine white fish.

    best marine collagen powder in India
    Quality | Environment | Safety | Health

    Made in France, Peptan® Marine, the only collagen ingredient in TOR™ Mighty,
    conforms to the highest QESH standards.

    A completely unique fish collagen, TOR™ Mighty is available in

    2 delicious flavours

    Nature Identical Chocolate
    and Natural Pomegranate
    in medium and low sugar versions.

    The TOR™
    (Theory of Reinforcement)
    Marine Collagen Range:
    best collagen powders in India for skin and hair


    TOR™ Mighty contains food-grade, GRAS-certified fish collagen that can be used without a prescription or consultation from a dermatologist.

    We recommend starting out on our TOR™️ Mighty collagen powder in your late twenties to early thirties since that is the period when collagen starts depleting as a part of the ageing process, but the depletion increases due to several factors like sun exposure, smoking, exposure to pollution, blue light exposure and long term stress.

    We recommend you to start with 2 scoops a day for 6-8 weeks and then maintain with one scoop a day. Each scoop contains around 5g of Type I collagen.

    TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen can be taken at any time of the day, preferably between your meals.

    You can mix TOR™ Mighty with any beverage of your choice. So go ahead and enjoy your collagen blend!

    Check out our favourite recipes with the TOR™ Marine Collagen powders!

    TOR™️ Mighty Marine Collagen can be consumed by anyone above the age of 15. This collagen powder is GRAS certified by the US FDA and is safe for use.

    You can consume collagen as long as you want to. It's best to have a mix of natural collagen from your diet and periodic supplementation with TOR™ Mighty. As you age, your body starts to make less collagen, which typically begins by your late twenties. This collagen damage might have several implications on your body, including weak muscles, bones, ligaments, wrinkles in the skin, and so on. If your body does not make collagen through your diet, you may take regular collagen supplements. You can talk to your doctor to find the best approach for you.

    Intake of collagen peptides does not cause weight gain. Collagen is counted as a protein component. Hence it is best you adjust your total intake calculations after consulting with your nutritionist/doctor.

    A recent study has shown collagen peptides to exhibit anti-obesity effects.

    Yes, you can take collagen supplements during your periods.

    Yes, you can mix TOR™ Bright with TOR™ Mighty.

    TOR™ Bright helps boost keratin, whereas TOR™ Mighty boost the collagen in your body; Both will work synergistically to provide multiple benefits to your skin, hair, and nails.

    Yes, people who have recently recovered from Covid-19 may consume TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen unless they are on any active treatment from a physician.

    Yes! TOR™ Mighty can be used as a post-workout drink. Using collagen for muscle repair is quite common, which is why we recommend collagen for athletes.

    Yes, it is ideal to have both natural collagen from your diet and other marine collagen supplementations since fish is considered a great source of Type I and Type III collagen.

    The collagen peptides used in TOR™ Mighty are produced by hydrolysis, resulting in smaller peptides. These collagen hydrolysates are easily absorbed by the body and hence are digestion-friendly; therefore, they're the least likely to cause any bloating or other digestive discomforts.

    After opening the pack of TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen, discard the silica pouch and Yes! now the collagen is ready to use. Make sure you close it tightly after every single use. Store it in a cool, dry place and keep it away from direct sunlight.

    TOR™ Mighty is a unisex supplement and can be used by both men and women.

    Yes! TOR™ Mighty is specifically tested periodically for mercury periodically and is mercury-free!

    The best collagen supplements are the ones that are research-backed and tested periodically. TOR️™️ Mighty collagen is subject to a lot of testing and quality checks, and that’s exactly what makes it the best collagen powder. TOR™️ Mighty is manufactured using Peptan® Marine, which is among the most well-tested collagen peptides out there. TOR™️ Mighty Collagen is GRAS certified by the US FDA and is one of the best collagen supplements for skin and hair. You can buy premium collagen peptides powder from the CHOSEN® Store.

    Collagen peptides are ingredients that have been specifically developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties for skin, hair, bones, and much more. When choosing the proper collagen, the brand and manufacturer must be taken into careful consideration. Good quality collagen powders are regulated by the US FDA. TOR™ Mighty is manufactured by the world's leading collagen suppliers with over ten decades of experience with high-quality collagen and its derivative products that make them the market leaders. These are the best collagen supplements for skin and hair. Peptan® Marine in TOR™ Mighty collagen powder, manufactured by Rousselot, has a long history with collagen and is equipped with several state-of-the-art plants worldwide. Their production process is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.Numerous scientific studies have also demonstrated Peptan® Marine's ability to promote healthy living.TOR™ Mighty is a natural and eco-friendly product of the highest quality, manufactured with the latest technology and regulated by the US FDA.

    TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen can be taken on an empty stomach, with meals or after meals, basically any time of the day.

    TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen has the ability to improve health and wellness. In addition to its skin benefits, collagen also strengthens the immune system, helps sore muscles recover, and improves joint function and mobility. So it is safe to use TOR™ Mighty if you have COVID-19 or after COVID-19 recovery and even after vaccination.

    TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen is a good antioxidant that can lower oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a key factor in aggravating many conditions, including PCOS/PCOD. Hence TOR™ Mighty can be consumed by a person with PCOS/PCOD.

    TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen can be used in combination with White Pine® Pycnogenol® (a collagen booster). They form an integral part of the holistic approach for better skin and hair health.

    While there aren't many data-based studies, one study involving fish protein hydrolysates and IBS sufferers showed that IBS was not affected by low levels of fish protein hydrolysed proteins consumed over 6 weeks.

    TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen is a dietary supplement and can be taken while on Isotretinoin. However, since Isotretinoin is a prescription-grade drug, it is recommended that you check with your dermatologist before starting Collagen supplements.

    TOR™ Mighty & TOR™ Classic are both research grade collagens with proven benefits for the skin - TOR Mighty comes from wild caught fish while TOR Classic comes from farmed fish. CHOSEN offers both grades to balance sustainable sourcing with clinical benefits.

    TOR™ Mighty can be mixed with milk or any other beverage of your choice.

    Consuming fish increases blood levels of collagen peptides. This depends on the collagen content of the fish and the susceptibility to the collagen/gelatin digesting endoproteinases. One study found that the collagen content of cooked meats in Japanese daily meals is between 0.2 and 2.5 g. TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen, on the other hand, contains 5g of collagen per serving in a hydrolysed form, making it easier to absorb. But, it would be best to include Collagen both from diet and supplements.

    Yes, WAH-TOR collagen builder can be used along with TOR Mighty collagen supplement. In fact, WAH-TOR will work synergistically with marine collagen in delaying the skin ageing process and improving the elasticity of the skin and improving the barrier function of the skin.

    Each pack contains 7 sachets and each sachet will contain one serving of marine collagen powder.

    Each sachet contains 7.2g of the product with 5g of marine collagen peptides.

    Collagen literally makes up everything in our body, like our skin, muscles and bones! Collagen is a complete protein and also the most abundant one found in our body. Collagen is the main structural protein of our skin and is slowly lost as we grow older, starting from our late- twenties. This gradual loss of collagen causes the skin to be loose, wrinkled, and saggy. Over time, the skin looks aged and mature. Collagen supplements are animal-derived proteins that can be ingested for specific benefits for the skin, hair, nails and overall health.

    Collagen supplements restore the skin's youthfulness by simply replacing the lost collagen. Studies have shown the usefulness of marine collagen in reducing hair shedding, even in individuals with genetic hair loss. Again, collagen is a great booster of healthy nail growth, so in the field of dermatology and anti-ageing, collagen is considered an all-rounder!

    Regular collagen intake has several benefits for overall health and some specific benefits for skin and hair. Here are some well-established benefits of collagen peptides powder.

    Collagen’s skin, hair and nail benefits:

    Given that collagen makes up about 90% of your skin, collagen powder supplementation provides multiple skin benefits, with added benefits for the hair and the skin.

    Collagen peptides improve skin elasticity and hydration, reduce the prominence of wrinkles, have anti-ageing properties, reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of stretch marks, facilitate wound healing and modulate scar tissue formation, and improve hair characteristics. Collagen supplements protect the skin from UV-induced dehydration and increase hyaluronic acid levels in the skin, contributing to Beauty from Within. There is evidence that proves the efficacy of collagen supplements for cellulite reduction. Collagen deficiency in nails makes them brittle and weak. One of the most significant benefits of collagen supplements is that it helps increase nail strength and reduce its brittleness. Collagen supplements also help increase hair strength and growth.

    Collagen for bones and joint health:

    Type I collagen makes up the majority of our bones. The same process of collagen loss that occurs in the skin also occurs in the bone. In fact, collagen loss on the skin has been a marker that can reflect the collagen deficiency in bones. Regular supplementation with collagen may help with the symptoms of osteoarthritis and improve overall bone health. Consuming collagen protein powders helps increase the collagen in bones and may help reduce the risk of bone disorders like osteoporosis.

    To put it in simple terms, collagen is the most abundant protein in your body that makes up your skin, bones, muscles and tendons. As we age, our skin’s collagen levels deplete rapidly. We tend to lose about 1-2% of collagen each year, and this causes wrinkled, saggy skin, which lacks youthfulness. Besides the skin, collagen damage can have several implications on your body as it helps with your gut and bone health. So, it's crucial to take collagen supplements to actively replace the lost collagen in your body. For those who don’t get collagen protein through their normal diet, collagen supplements might be a saviour!

    The Peptan® Marine in TOR™ Mighty is a Type I Marine collagen peptide, the same type as found in our bones and skin. These are high-quality collagen peptides that are produced by Rousselot.

    These Type I collagen peptides have multiple health benefits for the skin, joints, bones, and hair. They have anti-ageing properties and also stimulate the collagen in the skin, which increases the skin's moisture levels to give you that glow. Peptan® Marine stimulates ongoing collagen production in the skin to provide robust dermal support for a lifted appearance.

    TOR™️ Mighty Marine Collagen supplements are made from the highest quality research-backed ingredients like Peptan® Marine. The companies that manufacture these products keep conducting several research studies to find out the efficacy of these products. There are several clinical studies that prove the efficacy of Peptan® Marine present in TOR™️ Mighty on skin and hair health. This particular study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology has investigated the benefits of collagen powder with Peptan® Marine collagen peptides for skin hydration, reduction in the fragmentation of collagen in skin and skin ageing.

    According to studies, visible results from collagen food supplements can be observed as early as four to six weeks by consuming 5-10g of marine collagen per day. The most commonly noticed results from collagen supplements are an increase in skin hydration and glow, with a lifted, tighter skin, and a visible improvement in skin clarity. Nail brittleness is noticeably improved, and individual hair strand strength also improves with collagen intake.

    Yes, while both start out with a similar collagen content, with time, women have less collagen in their skin compared to men of similar age. 

    This is especially true around the time of menopause, when women have much lower levels of collagen than men, and this is why women tend to age faster than men.

    Yes, collagen protein is considered to be the building block of our skin. It has several benefits for our skin which include its wound healing and scar modulation properties. Glycine found in collagen helps with the process of skin and tissue repair. Intake of collagen supplements post-surgeries or scar treatments can stimulate the secretion of hyaluronic acid in the skin by skin fibroblasts that repair the site of the wound. TOR™ Mighty collagen peptides benefit your skin with their wound healing properties. Collagen supplements promote faster wound healing and better scar quality when they are taken post-operatively after cosmetic surgeries.

    TOR™ Mighty collagen peptides powder does not cause acne. Also, it is great for acne scar reduction, and taking it to post scar resurfacing procedures may help speed up the recovery and remodel scar tissue formation, all for a better outcome.

    Collagen, especially marine collagen peptides, has been studied to improve hair characteristics in women and men with thinning and androgenic alopecia. There are several benefits of collagen for hair, and TOR™️ Mighty Marine Collagen is the best collagen for hair. Here is some evidence that proves that TOR™️ Mighty Marine Collagen benefits for hair: A study has evaluated that supplementation with Peptan® collagen peptides has promoted stronger and healthier hair and has also helped increase the hair's mechanical strength by 13%.

    Bovine and Marine collagen is almost similar. They are great for your skin, hair and nails. While bovine collagen has more Type III collagen, which is best for intestinal concerns, marine collagen contains more Type I collagen (most abundant collagen on our body) which is great for your skin, hair and nails. For those who want quick results and have concerns with skin, hair and nails, and those who don't consume cow products, marine collagen is the better choice.

    Collagen, the building block of the skin, is useful in wound healing and helps in scar modulation. It is highly recommended that TOR™ Mighty be combined with skin treatments for acne scars as the procedures are specifically aimed at promoting collagen turnover.

    While all TOR™️ collagen products are mercury-free, we still do not recommend collagen supplements in pregnancy.

    TOR™️ Mighty collagen peptides are mercury-free. They are further checked periodically for any contamination and are among the safest collagen supplements in the world. However, we recommend that you check with your paediatrician or lactation consultant before starting collagen powder supplements if you are breastfeeding.

    It is best to stop TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen one month before a planned pregnancy. However, since it is mercury-free, you can still check with your nutrition consultant or gynaecologist and continue marine collagen after their approval, especially if you have been asked to step up your protein intake.

    Collagen supplements are among the safest health drinks, as they are derived from a commonly consumed food source, that is fish. But there is one point to note: when it comes to collagen side effects, the most common problem arises from using substandard collagen ingredients, which may contain mercury and other contaminants.

    The advantage of using branded, premium fish collagen products like Peptan® Marine in CHOSEN® 's TOR™ Mighty collagen powders is that we are able to provide our consumers with safe, mercury-free marine collagen. An added advantage is that, as research-grade collagens, these brands are subject to a lot of testing and quality checks so that you can be confident of picking up a safe product when you shop at CHOSEN®. TOR™ Mighty is GRAS certified by the US FDA, so that's an added safety check.

    We do not recommend the use of collagen for People,

    ~ Who are pregnant

    ~ With known renal or liver conditions on a protein-restricted diet, should not consume collagen unless prescribed by their treating physician. 

    ~ With known allergies to fish should also avoid marine collagen supplements. 

    ~ With raised uric acid levels should consult with their treating physician before consuming collagen supplements.

    TOR™ Mighty collagen supplement contains sugar alternatives and up to 26 calories per serving of 8g. We recommend that people with diabetes and/or any other known medical condition start collagen supplements only after discussing it with their physician.

    Please DO NOT take marine collagen supplements if you are allergic to fish. TOR™ Mighty collagen is directly obtained from fish and is not suitable for people with fish allergies.

    Collagen supplements have been around for a very long time and are among the safest health drinks. TOR™️ Mighty Marine Collagen is made of Peptan® Marine. This is research-grade collagen, and there is a large body of evidence and hydrolysed collagen studies that support its safety and efficacy. This is derived from fish, a common dietary item and the manufacturing process is very sustainable and safe. TOR™️ Mighty Marine Collagen is GRAS certified by the US FDA, so there's nothing to worry about the safety of this product. It is periodically tested for mercury and is proved to be mercury-free and very safe for consumption.

    At CHOSEN®, we provide only the safest and highest quality products that are well tested, so you can be very confident about consuming the TOR™️ Mighty Marine Collagen supplement.

    All products at CHOSEN have been formulated and manufactured in duly approved facilities with good manufacturing practices and are in line with the currently applicable standards. CHOSEN has earned the trust among users and customers as a strong science-backed solutions provider, and we continue to strengthen our products with evidence-based medical principles.