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Sunscreen is an important anti-ageing tool because it protects your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun. UV rays are the primary reason for the skin’s ageing process, and by fighting UV rays, sunscreens provide anti-ageing benefits.

If you have dry skin, look for a sunscreen that is moisturising in nature. You can check SAFESCREEN Munnar/Teesta and Heliocare Advanced Gel which are ideal for dry skin.

For oily skin, you can look for a matte finish sunscreen that doesn’t make your skin greasy. SAFESCREEN Besant/Madras Marina and Tvaksh Face Guard are some good sunscreens for oily skin.

For normal to combination skin, select a sunscreen that is neither too moisturising nor too drying in nature with a sheer finish. You may check SAFESCREEN Brigade Road/Charminar, Heliocare 360° Water Gel for normal to combination skin.

The frequency of sunscreen reapplication depends on the type of UV filter present and the water-resistance of that sunscreen. 

Chemical sunscreens- Once every 2 to 3 hours

Hybrid sunscreen- Once every 3 to 4 hours

Physical/Mineral sunscreen like SAFESCREEN range- Once every 6 to 8 hours.

Yes! Clouds can only partially filter the sun’s rays, which makes it necessary to use sunscreen even on a cloudy day to avoid tan and photoaging.

For dry skin, you need to look for a pH-balanced gentle cleanser with ingredients like glycerin that preserves the moisture in your skin. Avoid cleansers that contain exfoliating ingredients. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and Tvaksh Facelin are good cleansers for dry skin.

Gel-based medium-strength cleansers will be ideal for oily skin to clear dirt and grime without stripping the moisture from your skin. Some of the cleansers for oily skin include Avene Cleanance Gel and Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant.

A foam-based cleanser like the Avene Cleansing Foam will work great for normal to combination skin.

Wash your face twice to thrice daily with a cleanser/facewash. If you wash your face more often, your skin will become dry, dull and partially greasy.

The necessity of a moisturizer depends upon the humidity of the place where you live in. If the humidity is low in your place, you may need to apply moisturizer twice to thrice a day, but if the humidity is high, you may restrict the moisturizer to once per day, or you may even skip the moisturizer.

It depends on the extent of the oiliness of the skin. If your skin is moderately oily, you can choose a water-based moisturizer like the Avene Thermal Water Spray. But, If your skin is very oily or greasy, you can skip using a moisturizer.

For dry skin, a nourishing cream-based moisturizer will be great to seal the moisture. Avene Revitalizing Nourishing Cream is a good moisturizer for dry skin.

For normal to combination skin, use a lightweight, Hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer like the Sebamed Care Gel.

Yes, if you have acne-prone skin, use mild moisturizers like the Sebamed Care Gel or Avene Thermal Water Spray.

Sesderma is a powerful anti-ageing cream with a tri-retinol system containing Retinol, Retinaldehyde and Retinyl propionate. For better action, this cream must be used at night before bedtime on clean, dry skin. It is mandatory to use a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen like the SAFESCREEN™ range during the daytime since this cream can make your skin photosensitive.

Night creams are meant to be used at night since they contain active ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin and make your skin photosensitive for a short period.

Also, nighttime is when your skin will be highly receptive to active ingredients since it is undisturbed by external agents like sunlight, pollution etc.

A night cream is used to rejuvenate your skin and treat specific skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, pigmentation etc.

For oily to combination skin, use a night cream that is light, non-greasy, that doesn’t clog your pores. For dry skin, use a nourishing cream with plant oils for deep hydration. Again, this depends on your climate and your specific skincare routine.

For dry skin, body washes containing plant oils like the Sebamed Olive Face Body Wash and Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil are a few good options to preserve the moisture in your skin.

A gel-based body wash like the Sebamed Fresh Shower Gel will be ideal for oily skin to thoroughly cleanse the accumulated oil and grime.

Oat-based body washes like the Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash will be beneficial to soothe and calm irritated, sensitive skin.

For people with normal to combination skin, if the skin feels sweaty and grimy, Sebamed Fresh Shower Gel will be good to clean away impurities. But if the skin is normal without much dirt Sebamed Olive Face Body Wash would be ideal.

If you have active hairloss, use an opaque to a translucent pH-balanced shampoo that is indicated for hair loss. Ducray Anaphase is an ideal shampoo for hairloss.

Opalescent pH-balanced shampoo with SLS like Ducray Anaphase will be good for oily scalp and hair.

For dry, damaged hair, look for sulphate-free shampoos with plant oils like the Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra Moist Avocado + Olive Oil Shampoo to repair and provide moisture to your hair.

To reduce dandruff, choose shampoos that contain ingredients like Ketoconazole, Piroctone Olamine, Zinc Pyrithione etc. Some of the good anti-dandruff shampoos include Ducray Squanorm, Bioderma Node DS+ etc.

Store the ice lolly in the refrigerator(except the freezer). After completing the Light Routine peel, gently roll the ice lolly over your face for a cooling and calming effect.

After cleansing and drying the area of trimming, push the button in the Wahl trimmer upwards and gently run the blade along the direction of hair growth as reverse trimming can cause ingrown hairs.

After using the ice lolly, gently wash it using mild soap/detergent and water.

You can clean the Wahl trimmer by rinsing the blades in running tap water, or you can also clean using an alcohol swab. Make sure to thoroughly dry the blades before placing the cap on again.