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Top 5 reasons to use the Milk Route® Lactic Acid body peel!

on February 26, 2021

The Milk Route® Lactic acid is a great way to bring home the spa - you can now get your chemical peels done in the comfort of your home!

Here we share 5 reasons to take the Milk Route® to silky skin!

Keratosis Pilaris :

This is one of the top indications where you can use Milk Route®, consistently and confidently to get some good skin smoothening effects. Keratosis Pilaris is a chronic condition, which needs more than the occasional peel at a spa or a clinic. A home peel containing lactic acid provides 3 major benefits – removing the hard spots of heaped up keratin, reducing skin pigmentation and increasing the skin’s moisture and suppleness. As a home peel, Milk Route® Lactic acid peels are best used once weekly, and then less frequently once the symptoms get better controlled. Milk Route® can also be used along with laser hair removal for keratosis pilaris, to speed up the results.

Rough Skin on the elbows and knees:

Friction causes roughness on the elbows and knees, and this is unavoidable for most of us! Also, physical abrasives like pumice stones, walnut or apricot scrubs, using a loofah to scrub the skin – all of these cause worsening of the pigmentation and the roughness. What Is needed, is a gentle exfoliation without worsening the friction, and Milk Route® lets you do just that. Even better is the fact that Lactic acid, is the only hydroxy acid peel that actually hydrates even as it exfoliates! For best results, follow through with a body moisturizer, to protect and cocoon the freshly exfoliated skin, post your Milk Route® ritual.

Ingrown Hair:

The principle is pretty much the same as for Keratosis Pilaris. Milk Route® Lactic Acid helps reduce pigmentation from ingrowth, softens the skin, and reduces skin itchiness and sensitivity due to the ingrown hair.

Butt Acne:

Lactic Acid home peel in Milk Route® scores big in managing butt acne. Alone or in combination with Light Routine® Advanced, the Milk Route® home peel, softens the skin, reduces acne, and helps  clear pigmentation – with regular use. Bonus points – the skin feels much firmer, and if your notice a positive effect on cellulite, yes, you are welcome!

Smooth Skin :

Who said that we only need to work on our skin when there is a problem? Healthy, young skin is a result of long term maintenance which pays off rich dividends when your skin care game is top notch.  The lactic acid in Milk route® provides you an easy, simple way, to rejuvenate the skin, remove the dead cells, and promote healthy skin turnover. A few minutes once every 7-10 days, is all that is required to keep you in love with your skin, forever!