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Top 5 Skin/Hair Care swaps to maintain your skin and hair healthy in 2023!

on June 16, 2023

Here are the top 5 skin and hair care product swaps that you can do to maintain healthy skin and stronger hair in 2023.

1. Switch to a mineral sunscreen:

If you are already using a chemical sunscreen, it's the right time to switch to the best mineral sunscreen recommended by dermatologists in India, like SAFESCREEN. It is because chemical or organic sunscreens contain synthetic or chemical UV filters like octinoxate, oxybenzone, avobenzone, octocrylene, homosalate and so on, which have the potential to cause endocrine disruption in humans when used for a long time. Also, they are not ecofriendly as they pose a threat to marine life forms. On the contrary, mineral or physical sunscreens are natural sunscreens that contain natural minerals like Zinc Oxide or Titanium dioxide, which are ecofriendly and don’t cause hormone disruption in humans. So make a prudent choice by choosing the best mineral sunscreens in India.

Switch from chemical sunscreen to mineral sunscreen

2. Avoid physical scrubs and choose chemical exfoliators:

Physical scrubbing or mechanical exfoliation has been there in our Indian population for a very long time which involves a lot of friction, leading to increased skin pigmentation, roughness and dullness. That’s why chemical peels like Light Routine salicylic acid peel or Milk Route lactic acid peel are a great way to get clear and glowing skin without any drawbacks seen in physical scrubs. Click here to get the best chemical peels in India.

Switch from Physical Scrubs to Chemical Peels

3. Choose Re(d)covery® serum over skin whitening steroid creams:

Ditch skin whitening or steroid creams and use Redcovery tranexamic acid serum to get an even brighter complexion without any side effects. This bedtime tranexamic acid serum helps to treat hyperpigmentation, rough patches and dark spots and effectively decreases the appearance of Melasma. A study has shown that tranexamic acid is more effective than hydroquinone in reducing pigmentation with very low irritation potential when compared to other skin lightening agents, which come with many side effects.  So to achieve a brighter complexion in 2023 without side effects, Re(d)covery tranexamic acid serum can be the best choice.

Best face serum for acne

4. Replace Vitamin C with White Pine® Pycnogenol® Serums.

Vitamin C serums are great. But get something that's 20X more powerful, like the White Pine Pycnogenol serums - Red Oil, Mousse and Mirror Glaze. Also, the main drawback of vitamin C serums is that they are unstable and easily get oxidised on exposure to air which is not the case in White Pine Pycnogenol serums. Moreover, White Pine Pycnogenol face serums are good for people who find vitamin C irritating (it frequently makes the skin itchy and sensitive), as Pycnogenol is kinder to the skin and generally well tolerated.


Best Pycnogenol Face Serums for all skin types


5. Shift from scalp clogging oils to research proven hair growth serums

Most of us search for hair growth oils if we face hair fall. But, oiling your hair is not advisable as it causes scalp clogging and dandruff, which can further worsen hair fall. So the best way to prevent hair damage is to use evidence based hair fall control serums like Morning Lark Redensyl & Night Owl. These are the best hair growth serums that reduce hair fall and promote hair growth by extending the anagen/ growth phase of the hair. These hair fall control serums are available as combos to maintain your hair health the whole day.

Switch from hair oil to hair growth serums

To summarize, choose the best mineral sunscreen like SAFESCREEN for sun protection, use a chemical peel to reveal glowing skin, opt for safer options like Redcovery tranexamic acid serum to get an even skin tone, use White Pine Pycnogenol serums which is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and finally use the best hair growth serums like Morning Lark and Night Owl with research-proven ingredients.

And you are all set to glow in 2023.