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skin care by skin type

Welcome to our blog at CHOSEN®.

CHOSEN® is your one stop solution when you want to start with managing your skin, hair or body goals - on your own! The high performance products here are curated by our dermatologists who give equal importance to safety and efficacy. We choose our products based on two aspects, evidence and experience. These two factors are given very high importance, be it the CHOSEN® Exclusive Range of Stuff That Works® products, or the Curator's Choice line up of personal care products and actives.

Stuff that Works® is a unique range of products that have crossed over from the skin doctor's clinic to your home. All our products in this range are meant to empower the smart skin care enthusiast, who is into well, Stuff that Actually Works!

Curator's Choice line up of products showcases the most effective skin and hair care products, handpicked for you! With so many products out there in the market, the Curator's Choice helps you construct your own skin care routine and hair care plan, by making your choices easier. So you save time with our science based recommendations, not to mention saving money!

Best body wash for dry skin

Which body wash is best for dry skin?

Feel refreshed and hydrated with our soothing and moisturizing body washes for dry skin.

Choosing the best sunscreen for your needs

The Complete Sunscreen Guide - How to choose the best sunscreen?

Let us look at choosing the right sunscreen for your needs, in this article.

Best Chemical Exfoliators in India

2 minute quick guide to choosing a chemical exfoliator

Super fast tips for people with fast paced lifetsyles on choosing the best chemical exfoliator for face.
2 minute super fast guide to choosing the best facewash for you.

2 minute super fast guide to choosing the best facewash for you.

Here’s the super rapid suggestion framework for the best face wash for you by location.
Night skin care routine with the best serum for glowing skin

CHOSEN’s Serum series- An easy guide to make your evening/night skincare routine simple and effective.

Are you tired of searching for a night serum to achieve glowing skin? Let’s get into the blog to see how to make your night skincare routine the best with serums from CHOSEN’s Stuff That Works® range.
A beginner men's skincare routine

A Beginner Men’s Skincare Routine

Here's a simple skincare routine for the men out there!