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best hair growth serum
best hair growth serum
Redensyl hair growth serum
Morning Lark Redensyl for hair

    Morning Lark® Redensyl Hair Growth Serum

    Best hair serum for hair growth

    QUANTITY: 42ml

    KEY BENEFITS: Transitions hair cells into growth phase | Boosts Healthier Keratin | Quicker scalp coverage with regrowth | Strengthens Hair | Synergistic Action

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    Time for those strands to
    Get Set Grow
    Express Growth
    for your hair
    Best redensyl hair growth serum
    What is it?

    Morning Lark® Redensyl

    - Faster Follicles -

    New Caffeine Redensyl from the Morning Lark® range
    is a scalp spray that takes your haircare to the next level.
    How does it work?
    Morning Lark® Redensyl
    Presenting Morning Lark® Redensyl the powerful solution to your hair growth challenges.
    The high performance of Caffeine is boosted by the faster action of active ingredient Redensyl. Ideal for improving hair quality & density, Morning Lark® Redensyl is the perfect
    power packed addition to the Morning Lark® series.
    Redensyl + Caffeine

    Works on hair follicle stem
    cells and dermal papilla.

    Drive the cells to move to
    the anagen phase.

    Keratin boosting.

    best redensyl hair growth serum

    Anti inflammatory with
    micronutrient benefits.

    Caffeine maintains cells in growth phase.

    Redensyl acts as a perfect synergistic
    boost for hair growth.

    - High Performance hair care -

    The power combo of Caffeine and Redensyl speeds up the transition into the growth phase of hair. The stimulant action of Caffeine sustains the hair strands in this anagen phase,
    giving good coverage benefits along with strengthening and lengthening the hair strands.

    Reinforce Regrowth

    Reduce response time and increase coverage area for hair regrowth.
    The addition of Redensyl to your high performance Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate
    causes a faster arrest of shedding, and a quicker transition into the growth phase.

    How to get the best out of it?
    Control hair fall with Morning Lark Redensyl hair serum

    Spray 1 ml to the scalp area, and massage gently for 3-4 minutes.
    Ideally used in the mornings and evenings.

    Morning Lark™ Redensyl is great for:

    Targeting male pattern hair loss

    Preventive management of female
    pattern hair loss.

    Telogen effluvium

    Increasing ponytail density by
    increasing hair strand thickness.

    Best redensyl hair serum for hair growth
    Morning Lark™

    Pair with Night Owl® series at bedtime.

    Use for 3 months, then step down to Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate for 3 months, and then to Morning Lark® Caffeine Daily for maintenance.

    Spray on the scalp & massage using the head massager for 3-4 minutes, working against the direction of the hair growth.

    Avoid traction, and use gentle massage only.

    Can be used after hair wash.

    Morning Lark Redensyl hair serum for hair fall control


    Redensyl is a newer hair growth molecule which has been researched in a few studies to promote faster hair growth. In one study, where it was used in combination with a sebum controlling ingredient, Redensyl showed an ability to move hairs into the anagen phase. In another study with 120 patients, again in combination with other hair growth molecules, Redensyl showed an ability to move the hairs into the growth phase. So Redensyl is a very good add-on to more powerful hair loss control agents like caffeine.

    Caffeine boosted by Redensyl helps hair growth to speed up, thereby reducing the time to see results. All the benefits of Caffeine, with a quickening boost by Redensyl.

    Caffeine is the principal driver of the hair growth process in this complex. Adding on Redensyl quickens hair growth and adds more hair to the anagen phase. Caffeine works to convert these hairs into thicker, longer hairs for better scalp coverage and hair density. 

    Yes! Caffeine has proven benefits, and Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate enjoys very positive feedback from users, who have seen significant benefits for controlling hair loss and improving hair density. Adding redensyl to caffeine is synergistic for faster stimulation of hair follicles.

    Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate contains meso-grade caffeine and is tried and tested to produce hair fall control and support hair regrowth. Morning Lark® Redensyl is a caffeine-redensyl complex with synergistic effects. 

    Redensyl is a newer molecule which has been studied to accelerate hair growth and provide more hairs to the growth phase, which are then promoted further by caffeine to differentiate into terminal hair.

    This hair growth serum is a perfect combination of high-performance caffeine serum boosted with Redensyl. This hair serum is indicated for home use and is an over-the-counter product to help those with hair loss. Therefore, a doctor’s prescription is not needed to use this product.

    Spray 5 pumps(1 ml) directly on the scalp. After application, massage gently against the direction of hair growth for 1-2 minutes with fingertips or using the Scalp Massager.

    Morning Lark® Redensyl is a combination of caffeine and Redensyl, both of which are suitable for anyone with hair loss, 15 years and above.

    We recommend using the Morning Lark® Redensyl in the same way as Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate. You can use 1ml once daily. The best time to use this hair serum is in the morning or in the course of the day. You can also use 1 ml twice daily for faster relief of shedding. 

    We recommend the following routine for those starting out to treat hair loss with Caffeine serums - Morning Lark® Redensyl and Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate. The usage is 12 weeks of Morning Lark Redensyl 1ml once daily, and then you can switch over to Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate at the same dose for another 12 weeks. Then you can step down to Morning Lark Caffeine Daily for maintenance.

    In general, applying vegetable oil on the scalp is not recommended when losing hair or when experiencing dandruff. We recommend that you do not combine Morning Lark® Redensyl hair growth serum with vegetable oil.

    Morning Lark® Redensyl topical serum is not expected to make your scalp greasy. Therefore, it may be adequate to wash your hair every other day. However, if you have a greasy or sweaty scalp and you work out every day, it is perfectly fine for you to wash your hair once daily.

    Yes, Morning Lark® Redensyl is a Caffeine-Redensyl hair growth promoting complex that works for all hair types and scalp types.

    At 1 ml per day usage, your caffeine-redensyl combo serum should last you about 6 weeks. 

    Caffeine hair growth serums like Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate and Morning Lark Caffeine Daily have been well known to work in those with COVID-induced telogen effluvium. Morning Lark® Redensyl, being a caffeine containing serum in the same series, has the hair fall arresting properties of caffeine accelerated by the power of redensyl.

    After 12 weeks of Morning Lark® Redensyl usage, you should reassess your hair loss. For telogen effluvium hair loss, if you have achieved good control of your hair fall, you can directly move to Morning Lark Caffeine Daily for maintenance for 3-4 more months. Caffeine hair serums for androgenetic alopecia are recommended to be used for at least 6-9 months. Therefore you can start with Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate or Morning Lark® Redensyl and use these for a period of 6-12 weeks and then step down to maintenance with Morning Lark® Caffeine Daily hair growth maintenance serum. 

    Melatonin is research-proven to protect against stress-induced hair loss. Sleep deprivation is well recognised as one of the triggers for hair loss. Night Owl® Melatonin hair loss prevention solution helps to reset the hair cycle by creating a circadian rhythm sync of your hair follicles. Together with caffeine, which again is research proven to help regrowth, boosted by Redensyl for faster hair cycle reset, this combo of Night Owl® Melatonin and Morning Lark® Redensyl solution with caffeine, is a perfect solution for those looking for natural ways to regrow hair and regain scalp coverage. 

    Morning Lark® Redensyl containing Caffeine boosted by Redensyl has been evaluated in volunteers and has not shown to cause or worsen dandruff. 

    Yes, Morning Lark® Redensyl hair growth serum has been tested on individuals with keratin-treated hair and has not been found to create any negative impact. However, this is a caffeine-redensyl combination, which has been specifically created to speed up hair growth, so it is natural to see the noticeable new hair growth at the roots, which will be of your original hair texture.

    This caffeine-redensyl combination can be used one week post a hair smoothening/ straightening treatment. Morning Lark® Redensyl may be specifically used to reduce shedding post hair treatments involving extreme heat like straightening and smoothening. This hair growth serum also suits those with heat-styling induced hair shedding. 

    You need to use and taper this hair growth serum based on the clinical response of your hair shedding to the serum. This product is not known to cause rebound shedding.

    You can use the solution right after washing your hair. If you wish to use the serum before your hair wash, you can allow about 30-45 minutes for product absorption. We highly recommend using a scalp massager for 1-2 minutes, right after the application of the product, for better penetration

    Yes, it is highly recommended to do a gentle scalp massage for about 1-2 minutes after applying Morning Lark® Redensyl solution for better product penetration. 

    Yes, your caffeine-redensyl serum is safe to use on coloured hair. 

    While it is not mandatory, it is highly advantageous to use Melatonin and Caffeine-Redensyl in a single protocol for better results and holistic hair growth. 

    Yes, you can apply any hair serum on your hair along with this product. 

    Facial hair growth occurs with those hair growth products which cause non-specific stimulation of hair growth like minoxidil. Morning Lark® hair care series contains caffeine as the principal ingredient, which has an effect against dihydrotestosterone. On the facial hair follicles, this protective effect against DHT ensures that the hair follicles are not stimulated, as hirsutism happens from excessive DHT stimulation of facial hair follicles. The presence of Caffeine as the anchoring ingredient prevents facial hair growth with all the hair growth serums that come under the Morning Lark Range

    Yes, you can safely combine the Minoxidil and Morning Lark range of products. Caffeine-Redensyl complex may be used to reduce the telogen effluvium seen with Minoxidil.

    All products at CHOSEN have been formulated and manufactured in duly approved facilities with good manufacturing practices and are in line with the currently applicable standards. CHOSEN has earned the trust among users and customers as a strong science-backed solutions provider, and we continue to strengthen our products with evidence-based medical principles.

    Redensyl does not have any definite data for use in nursing mothers. Caffeine is considered safe and may be used for postpartum telogen effluvium after clearance from your doctor. You may wish to consider the other two caffeine serums for this - Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate and Morning Lark Caffeine Daily

    We do not recommend hair growth serums in pregnancy, as pregnancy is a state of natural hair growth. Further, the Redensyl component of this caffeine-redensyl complex does not have any pregnancy data available this far. So, we do not recommend the use of this hair growth solution for pregnant women.