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SMOO Moist Body Moisturizing Cream
Moisturizing body lotion
SMOO Moist Moisturizing Creme for Body

    SMOO™ Moisturizing Crème Moist for Body

    Best anti-aging body moisturizer for dry skin

    QUANTITY: 42ml

    KEY BENEFITS: Reduces Skin Ageing in the Neck | Plumps your skin | Reduces Skin Dullness from Dehydration | Best Moisturizer for Neck Skin.

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    SMOO™ MOIST Moisturizing Crème for dry skin

    What your skin wants?

    Active hydration for soft & SMOOth skin

    SMOO™ MOIST is rich in
    natural goodness of Tucuma & Aloe extracts.

    best antiaging moisturizer for dry skin

    Ideal for deep yet non-occlusive moisturization

    If you have dry, rough, dull and dehydrated skin over the hands,
    feet, neck, knees, elbows and feet, leave it overnight for SMOO™ MOIST to work its magic.

    Why do I need it?

    SMOO™ MOIST Moisturizing Crème

    is all about bouncy moisturisation, with very quick absorption
    into the skin, in a matter of minutes.

    Great for dry skin.

    Suitable for colder climates.

    Provides non-occlusive, but deep moisturization.

    best body moisturizer for dry hands, feet and body

    Deep hydration for dry hands and feet from water or cold exposure.

    Works well as bedtime moisturiser for those sleeping in low-temperature, ac rooms.

    How to get the best out of it?

    Feel the SMOO™ MOIST work for you

    Apply product onto dry skin and massage lightly
    to ensure quick and thorough absorption of the product.


    Moisturizing Crème

    best anti-ageing body moisturizer in India


    SMOO from CHOSEN Store is a range of crème moisturizers with very high natural content. SMOO is positioned as a luxurious, plant based moisturising ritual for highly visible but neglected areas of our body like the neck, hands, elbows, knees and feet.

    SMOO Moisturising Creme is made of natural plant based ingredients.

    With around 98.6% natural content, Smoo Light and Fresh moisturizers are anchored by Tucuma butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, Aloe extracts and plant Squalane.

    With almost 96.8% natural content, Smoo Moist moisturizer is boosted with Jasmine butter and Shea butter in addition to Tucuma butter and Aloe extracts.

    SMOO Light: A fragrance free light moisturiser for those who want non occlusive but long lasting moisturization. A perfect daytime moisturizer for tropical weather, where heavy moisturization just feels oily and greasy.

    SMOO Fresh: It is the scented version of SMOO Light, with notes depicting sophisticated energy and a touch of spring. The fragrance has been specifically researched to be phthalate free.

    SMOO Moist: SMOO Moist is all about bouncy moisturisation, with very quick absorption into the skin, in a matter of minutes. More luxurious than the Light and Fresh version, SMOO Moist can repair, rehydrate and replenish skin moisture reserves when used in your bedtime body ritual.

    SMOO body moisturizers work immediately from the moment you start using them. With continuous usage, you will feel your skin to be more hydrated and supple.

    SMOO range of moisturizers contains deep nourishing plant butters which will repair and rehydrate your skin thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the body. In fact, meadowfoam oil in SMOO Light and Fresh has been studied to delay photoageing.

    SMOO body moisturizers are rich in plant oils, because of which we do not recommend using them if you have acne prone skin or avoid using them over the regions prone to acne.

    Plant-based ingredients in SMOO body moisturizers possess antioxidant properties, which can reduce pigmentation when used consistently. Specifically, meadowfoam oil in SMOO Light and Fresh can reduce sun-induced pigmentation on the skin.

    SMOO range contains natural plant based moisturizers which can be purchased over the counter without the consultation of a dermatologist.

    Yes! SMOO moisturizers work best when left on the skin overnight.

    SMOO body moisturizers can be used by anyone from 2 years of age.

    Apply SMOO Light/Fresh/Moist body moisturiser on the neck, hands, elbows, legs and feet and massage gently to ensure quick and thorough absorption of the product. If you have dry to very dry skin, apply immediately after a bath when your skin is half dry to seal the moisture. But if your skin is oily/sweaty, then apply SMOO body moisturizer on completely dried skin.

    SMOO body moisturizers are not recommended for use in areas with high sebum secretion, like the face since they are enriched with plant oils.

    SMOO Light and Fresh body moisturizers are ideal to use during the daytime or when you step outdoors, whereas SMOO Moist body moisturizer is ideal to use at bedtime or when you stay indoors in an AC environment.

    SMOO range of body moisturizers is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

    You can use SMOO body moisturizers as long as you wish. It will not cause any withdrawal effects if you stop using SMOO moisturizers.

    SMOO is a unisex body moisturizer. SMOO Light and Fresh are great options for men with hairy forearms and legs, as they tend to be absorbed very fast and stay light on the skin.

    You can use SMOO body moisturizer 24 hours after your laser hair removal session.

    SMOO body moisturizer can be a great adjuvant to White Pine capsules if you are working to reduce sun-induced pigmentation and dry skin on the body.

    SMOO body moisturizers can be used along with Safescreen range of mineral sunscreens to repair and prevent skin damage caused by harsh UV rays from the sun.

    SMOO body moisturizers can be a perfect companion to lactic acid body peels like the Milk Route Water-less or Milk Route KP to tackle dry, rough and pigmented areas of the body.

    SMOO body moisturizers are dermatologically tested, and the ingredients in SMOO have been specifically vetted for not being carcinogenic, not having endocrine disruption potential, and not known to be allergenic, as per published literature till date.

    SMOO body moisturizers are not supposed to be used on areas with high oil secretion like the face and body flexures with high sweat secretion like underarms and inner thighs.

    SMOO body moisturizers are suitable for use by children from 2 years of age.

    SMOO body moisturizers are not recommended for use by pregnant women.

    SMOO body moisturizers are not recommended for use by nursing or breastfeeding mothers.