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Pycnogenol serum for normal skin
Face Serum for Combination Skin
Pycnogenol face serum for combination skin
White Pine® Mousse Plus Face Serum
White Pine® Mousse Plus Face Serum
White Pine® Mousse Plus Face Serum
White Pine® Mousse Plus Face Serum

    White Pine® Mousse Plus Face Serum

    Best Pycnogenol Face Serum for Normal to Combination Skin

    KEY BENEFITS: Moisturizes the skin | Elevates hyaluronic acid generation in skin | Stimulates synthesis of new collagen in the skin | Increases skin elasticity and reduces skin fatigue | Reduces pigmentation for an even, bright looking skin | Arrests activity of enzymes breaking-down collagen and elastin | Contributes to limit photo-ageing, in addition to sun-protective measures

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    White Pine®
    Mousse Plus
    Silky Smooth Skin
    What is White Pine® Mousse Plus?
    Active Ingredient
    White Pine® Pycnogenol® is a powerful antioxidant that has been scientifically proven to repair and rejuvenate tissues. This potent ingredient extracted from pine barks, has the ability to reduce damaging free radicals, speed up wound healing and improve scar quality.
    Serums derived from White Pine® Pycnogenol® are packed with benefits of its strong anti-ageing & skin smoothening properties. To be topically applied for:
    Deep nourish | Hyaluronic acid synthesis
    Reduced pigmentation | Limited photo-ageing and more.
    Normal to combination skin?

    Get dewy smooth texture without skin surface irregularities, right from
    the first week of application.

    After sun damage

    After Blue light
    exposure recovery

    Healthy collagen
    - elastin network

    Pure & Natural

    Sebum & Pore
    size control

    LayerSync with

    How to get the best out of it?

    The product needs to be gently massaged before use.
    Apply Mousse over the face and the neck.
    Can be used up to thrice daily. Allow a few minutes to dry.

    Why Mousse Plus?
    Zola Hanging

    Improves Skin Tone

    Best Texturizer for normal to combination skin

    It has sun protective properties

    best pycnogenol face serum for normal to combination skin


    White Pine® Mousse Plus is a topical Pycnogenol® application that declogs pores decongests and detexturizes the skin and is a great topical skin detox.

    The White Pine® Mousse Plus works in the following way: - Best Texturizer for normal to combination skin. Noticeable reduction in texture from the first week - Reduces Pigmentation with improvement in skin tone. - Stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis, and keeps the collagen – elastin network healthy and supple. - Pycnogenol® in White Pine® Mousse has sun protective properties. - It has anti-acne and anti-ageing properties.

    - Exposure of the skin to UV light generates reactive oxygen radicals and triggers pro-inflammatory processes. Pycnogenol® is a powerful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals, protects from UV induced damage and fights photo ageing. - Pycnogenol® binds and protects collagen and elastin. - It acts on receptors on the skin and protects from pollution-induced effects.