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Chilled Cucumber Soup with TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen Supplement


Chilled Cucumber Soup with TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen Supplement

Enjoy this chilled cucumber soup with yoghurt, mint leaves, and chicken stock is the perfect summer treat. Boosted with TOR™ Mighty Marine Collagen Powder, it offers an added nutritional benefit for healthier skin, joints, and bones.


Cucumber - 100g (1/2 med sized)

Yoghurt - 1 tbsp.

Garlic - 1 Clove

Mint leaves - 7-8 nos.

Chicken stock - 2 cups

Salt and pepper for taste

Collagen - 1 scoop ( TORMighty - Lemon Low sugar)


1. Wash the cucumbers, peel the skin, and chop them into small pieces.

2. In a blender, add the chopped cucumbers, yoghurt, chicken stock, lime juice, mint leaves, salt, and pepper. Blend the mixture until it becomes a smooth puree.

3. Pour the mixture into a container and refrigerate it for 2-3 hours, or until it is chilled and ready to serve.

4. When ready to serve, add TORMighty collagen powder to the cucumber and yoghurt mixture and stir well until the collagen is fully incorporated.

5. Transfer the soup to a bowl and serve chilled, garnished with additional mint leaves or cucumber slices if desired. Enjoy your refreshing and healthy cucumber and mint soup!


Nutritional Value

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat
62 kcal 6.6 g 5.5 g 1.08 g



  • Helps to maintain a youthful appearance

  • Helps to decrease skin wrinkles

  • Helps to promote better hair features

  • Helps to reduce sun damage

  • Prevents collagen breakdown