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10 facts on Lactic Acid Home Peels!

on July 03, 2022

Lactic acid home peels are great for taking care of the skin, and for providing good skin brightening over time. With a range of lactic peels, now available at CHOSEN®, here are 10 facts that will help you choose and buy the best lactic home peel online at CHOSEN® Store.

  1. If you are simply looking for a skin brightening treatment, especially for the face and neck, you definitely need a lactic peel. Benefits of a lactic acid peel range are largely due to its two way action. Lactic acid is a humectant, and has the ability to remove the dead skin cells from the skin surface PLUS infuse moisture into the newly exfoliated skin. This is the best skin exfoliation option for those with dry skin, who want to enjoy the benefits of increased skin turnover without drying the skin out too much.

  2. For the face and the neck, there are two lactic home peels at CHOSEN® store – Milk Route® Daily and Milk Route® Water-less. Both are excellent skin brightening products, which provide gentle and thorough exfoliation. While Milk Route® Daily provides a spongy, hydrated finish, Milk Route® Waterless provides a lifted and toned effect. Milk Route® Water-less is especially useful for those who are allergic to preservatives, or have sensitive skin. 

  3. If you are looking for a skin brightening facial at home, the best choice is Milk Route® Daily. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, and once dry, apply one to two drops of the Milk Route® Daily on the face and neck. You can evenly spread the product out on the area in focus, and leave it on for about 8-10 minutes. Then gently wash out the peel, again using the same gentle cleanser, to reveal instantly rejuvenated skin.

  4. Milk Route® Water-less has no extra water added the formulation, but is based on polyols, known for their ability to penetrate deep into the skin, and deliver a skin brightening action. Due to this, application of this product tends to give a sensation of warmth, which reduces during the course of the home peel application. The polyols interact with the base water of the lactic acid, to provide smoother, stronger exfoliation, making Milk Route® Water-Less, a true innovation! Choose this product, if you want to target the face, neck and the body, all in one go.

  5. Milk Route® KP has 3 different lactate and lactic acid components, for multilevel exfoliation. This is especially useful when targeting the 3 aspects of Keratosis Pilaris – roughness, pigmentation and skin irritation. A dedicated body peel for those who need to manage difficult conditions like keratosis pilaris on a day to day basis. While the long term management of keratosis pilaris, involves a laser hair removal, in the short term, consider a few tips for keeping the skin soft and hydrated, by following these steps. Lactic peel benefits for keratosis pilaris, are based on its actions of removing rough and heaped up keratin of the hair follicles, which allows the hair extrusion to be smoother. With a smooth extrusion of hair, pigmentation becomes improved, further speeded up by the removal of retained pigment in the surface cells, during the process of exfoliation itself. 

  6. Is an exfoliator better than a skin brightening cream or a skin brightening serum? Ideally, an exfoliator is like a regular, deep cleanse facial for the skin. This helps the skin shed out the retained, pigment laden surface cells, and also allows better penetration of other products and actives in your skin care routine. But, if you wish to use the exfoliator solo, that is fine too – you will still achieve significant cell turnover, and skin clarity with both Milk Route® Daily and Milk Route® Water-less. Adding these lactic acid based home peels ensures that your skin care protocol is robust and up to date with the trending skin care routines, across the world! Check out our Pycnogenol® based range of best brightening serums, that sync perfectly with lactic acid exfoliation.

  7. What to look for in a lactic acid face peel? The 3 typical changes that we notice in a lactic acid before and after skin feel, are increased skin smoothness, skin sponginess and softness, and an improvement in skin tone and texture. If you are new to using a lactic peel at home, you may want to first get on to a good sun protection skin care routine, and once the routine is well set, you can slowly introduce exfoliation for best results. You can check out our range of human and environment friendly, chemical filter free sunscreens here, at the SAFESCREEN page.

  8. Lactic acid peel after care, is quite simple when you use the buffered and balanced lactic peels from the Milk Route® range. After cleansing off the peel, as above simply dry the skin gently, and that’s all that is required! For added comfort, you can cool the skin for a minute or two, with the Ice Lollies, which are specially meant for after peel care.

  9. What about lactic acid side effects? The Milk Route® range of peels, are very safe and effective for over the counter use. The most important precaution to follow is a good sunscreen habit. Another important tip to prevent lactic acid peel problems, is to make sure that the peel is cleansed off thoroughly. While you may see some internet myths about leaving on lactic acid, we advise you to stick to the recommended timelines for the best lactic acid peel results. It is not advisable to leave on exfoliators for long durations or overnight, on the skin. How often to use lactic acid peels, entirely depends on whether you are choosing Milk Route® Daily, Milk Route® Water-less or Milk Route® KP for your concern, and The linked product pages will give you accurate and clear information on the same.

  10. To conclude, lactic acid peel benefits easily outweigh any potential reservations that you may have on getting yourself started on lactic home peels. Lactic acid can be easily incorporated into a skin care routine for clear skin along with other skin brightening products like Red Oil, Re(d)covery™️, or White Pine® Serums from CHOSEN®.

Lactic acid peels at home are a great way of working towards clear and brighter skin – in fact, exfoliation is a very important habit for clear and younger skin, and Milk Route® is a simple way to get yourself started on exfoliation!

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