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6 best chemical peels from CHOSEN Store

on July 23, 2022

Chemical exfoliation has completely replaced the concept of physical scrubbing. At CHOSEN®, we pioneered chemical exfoliation for brighter skin, with our innovative UNSCRUB® range of products.

Read on to know about the top 6 chemical peels available online at CHOSEN® store, all part of the UNSCRUB® Range.

Light Routine® Gentle Exfoliator: A hydroalcoholic version of salicylic acid peel, the Light Routine® Gentle is everyone’s go to exfoliator, and has been a cult favorite since its launch 2 years ago. All you need is 60 seconds of one time, and you are done.

Best suited for those with oily skin, and acne prone skin, the Light Routine® Gentle delivers visible results from the first use.

Easily one of the best chemical peels in India, this salicylic acid home peel works to deliver instantaneous results within a matter of seconds. This reduces product contact and product absorption into the skin, giving a high safety margin. Recommended for pro skin care DIYers.

Milk Route® Water-less:

Best home chemical peels for those with sensitive skin. If you are confused about where to start when you have sensitive skin or combination skin types, Milk Route® Waterless is easily the best chemical peel to go with.

With buffered lactic acid, the gentleness of this chemical peel, is matched by its potency – so you get the best combination of exfoliation and hydration, with this chemical peel.

Works in 60 seconds, and provides instant smoothening of the skin surface. Great for those who want to work on skin pores.

Milk Route® Daily: 

If your skin needs more hydration, then Milk Route® Daily may be the best chemical peel for you! Provides instant and intense hydration which keeps the skin moist and dewy, while doing a great job of pore tightening.

This is a daily chemical peel, which helps remove pollution related skin residues from the surface of the skin. Also a good exfoliator for ending the day, when you have been on plenty of products. You can use this right after your make up removal step once you have cleansed your skin.

Light Routine® Easy:

Want more brighter action than Milk Route® Daily, but on a daily basis? Your best chemical peel option in this case would be the Light Routine® Easy!

Easy for beginners, easy for daily use, easy for make up removal and double cleansing, easy for cleansing for pollution related skin surface residues and sunscreen residues.

Easily the must have chemical peel, for anyone with Indian skin types.

Light Routine® Gentle Waterless:

Looking for a chemical peel, that’s balanced midway between the Light Routine® Gentle and the Light Routine® Easy – you got Light Routine® Gentle Waterless. A completely anhydrous salicylic acid home peel, Light Routine® Gentle Waterless is preservative free, alcohol free and fragrance free – most perfect for regular use for those with sensitive, but acne prone skin and blemish issues. Used twice to thrice weekly, Light Routine® Gentle Waterless is a must have chemical peel for people who use heavy make up, frequently in the week.

With so many home chemical peel options for the face, what about the body?

While Milk Route® Daily and Waterless are great options  for areas like the underarms, the specialist home based body peel is Milk Route® KP. KP here stands for Keratosis Pilaris, and Milk Route® KP gives the best clearance and fastest response for treating keratosis pilaris and body acne. Milk Route® KP is perfectly synergistic with keratosis pilaris treatment like laser hair removal and pigment removal laser for treating the spots. Milk Route® KP maxes out the benefits of these lasers, and gives faster and better results, even with a reduced number of sessions.

CHOSEN® also carries the higher versions of Light Routine® Gentle DIY peel and Milk Route® Plus for use by patients and clients at RENDER clinic, for use on advice by a RENDER dermatologist.

With so many customized and inclusive options, you would definitely agree that the best chemical peels are right here, at CHOSEN by Dermatology. Pick up the best home chemical peel for you, by ordering online.

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