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How to sync up Light Routine® and Milk Route® Daily?

on September 26, 2021

We are all excited about the moisturizing peel, Milk Route® Daily, which is based on plant acids, and just can't wait to add it to our routine!

But how to add this to your routine, if you are already doing great on the Light Routine® series!

Here’s a quick road map on adding this lactic acid peel to your daily skin care routine.

  1. If you are on the Light Routine® Gentle, once weekly, say Sunday, you can go ahead and add the Milk Route® Daily in the evenings – on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! So basically, skip on the day of your Light Routine® Gentle, and the day before and the day after.

  2. If you are on the Light Routine® Soft, say, Sunday again, you can schedule your Milk Route® Daily on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!

  3. If you are not on any of the Light Routine® series, you can use the Milk Route® Daily on any five days of the week!

  4. If you are on Light Routine® Advanced once in 2 weeks, for the face, we recommend that you use the Milk Route® Daily, twice weekly. Make sure to avoid using Milk Route® Daily for at least 2 days before and for 3 days after using the Advanced.

What is the minimum use of the Milk Route® Daily, to see good results?

We recommend that you use this home based lactic acid peel, at least twice to thrice weekly, for skin brightening and plumping results.

What is the maximum use of the Milk Route® Daily?

We suggest that you plan to use it for about 5 days a week.

Here’s the most important part! Please make sure to use sunscreen regularly, when you are working on your skin with a home chemical peel. Home peels are meant to brighten the skin, and this particular one plumps up the skin, with increased collagen production, so we definitely want to protect all those benefits!