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LayerSync with Milk Route® Daily and OptiMIST™ WaterBody™

on September 25, 2021

Layering enthusiasts!

We got one at CHOSEN® Store for you.

If you are someone who feels that just the one product, just the one step is too less for you, let us do this. Now, remember that CHOSEN® is all about doing absolutely what is necessary, nothing more, nothing less – you will find that our layering plan still sticks to our minimalistic, no-nonsense approach.
The first combo in our LayerSync series is OptiMIST™ WaterBody™ with the just-in, Milk Route® Daily

Milk Route® Daily is a plant-acid based exfoliator, which keeps your skin clear and hydrated all in one go, thanks to the high-grade lactic acid it carries. Unlike applying a product on the skin, the Milk Route® Daily infuses moisture into the top layers of the skin, making the skin supple, bouncy and lifted.

If you wish to take things one step further, you can layer this exfoliation with the light moisturizer, WaterBody. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it is done.

  1. Over clean, dry skin, apply one to two drops of Milk Route® Daily and spread it evenly all over the face and the neck. Allow the product to stay for 10-15 mins. If your skin is very greasy, you can go for a maximum of 20 minutes.

  2. Follow through with thorough cleansing, with a facewash like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or Avene Bright'Intense Cream Foaming Cleanser.

  3. Let your skin dry completely.

  4. Follow through with an application of 1-2 drops of OptiMIST™ Waterbody. Apply the product on your face and neck, and let dry. If you have used OptiMIST™ Waterbody solo, you will know that there is a bit of stickiness for 30-60 seconds after applying the product – that’s basically the film-former working. Now that you have sealed the benefits of your Milk Route® Daily exfoliation with OptiMIST™ Waterbody, you are all done.

Once the film dries, you can then get to bed! Yes, this is ideally a routine done best at bedtime or in the evenings since that is the best time to exfoliate the day off!

Will these products still work solo?

Absolutely yes, you can still use Milk Route® Daily as an exfoliant, four to five days a week. It does a thorough job of removing all the dirt and grime from your day, including if you are using silicone-based sunscreen.

Also, you can use the Milk Route® Daily as quick skin plumper before applying make-up for that evening out. Milk Route® Daily plumps and lifts the skin, instantly reducing pores and gives the skin a smoother, immediately firmer finish. This makes it perfect for your make-up to get on and sit on. This is a great tip to prevent your skin from becoming greasy and oily under your evening make-up. We do not recommend this step for daytime use since the golden rule of exfoliation is to avoid direct and excessive sunlight while working on your skin. For that reason, we hope that you have checked out some of our best sunscreen recommendations.

The Waterbody is an excellent stand-alone moisturizer for sensitive, irritated skin and skin dryness while on isotretinoin. As a film former, the moisturizer takes about 30-60 seconds to form a film and seal the moisture in. So once the stickiness fades away, your moisturizer is all set, and you end with a smooth surface feel, which feels light on the skin, yet gives some powerful moisture to the top layers of the skin. The active ingredient in OptiMIST™ Waterbody is methylsulfonylmethane, OptiMSM®, known for its surface smoothing and hydrating properties.

So while you can combine them in LayerSync, you can also use the Waterbody and the Milk Route® Daily solo!