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Is sunscreen good for your face?

on May 05, 2023

The straight answer to this question is this:

Sunscreen is not just good for your face. It is great for your face!

Over 80% of facial skin aging is due to the sun exposure. Sunscreens protect the skin from sun exposure. Therefore sunscreens protect against skin aging, which is why you must have sunscreens in your skin care routine. And that is why you should wear sunscreens daily.Skin ageing

Let’s break this down a little.

Do sunscreens prevent tanning?

Yes, they do. Sun exposure causes the pigment cells to be more stimulated and active and produce more pigment to protect the skin. By taking over the job of protecting the skin themselves, sunscreens keep the pigment cells in optimal equilibrium and prevent overproduction of pigmentation, aka tanning. Users of sunscreen found that over 52 weeks, that is, one year of regular sunscreen use, there was a visible reduction in discrete and mottled pigmentation, and overall the skin tone was better! So that’s a very good reason for you to use your sunscreen regularly.Skin Pigmentation

Is sunscreen good for the body?

Well, the idea is to use sunscreen over all exposed body surfaces. However, if you are able to use simple sun protection in the form of clothes, that is acceptable too. The sun protection rating of clothing is called UPF – UV protection factor and the UPF of some clothing material goes very high, all the way to 1200 for denim. So you might simply want to use the high protection power of clothes as much as possible and use sunscreen on all exposed areas.sun protection in form of clothes

Is sunscreen safe for me?

Sunscreen is recommended for preventing skin cancer in the Western population and is the most important tool for preventing skin aging. Given their wide use all over the world, sunscreen is one of the most researched skincare products. It is possible to assess a sunscreen for its safety profile and then make a safe choice. mineral sunscreen in india

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