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What are the disadvantages of sunscreen for skin?

on May 10, 2023

Sunscreens, as we know, are probably the single most potent part of your skin care routine. There is enough data to show that sunscreens work and work very well to keep the skin young and healthy. That said, it is always best to be on the lookout for concerns as skin complexion and type is unique to everyone. 

Let us take a look at the top 3 concerns that come to mind when we think of getting started on sunscreens on a regular basis.

1. The visibility of sunscreen on the skin:best sunscreen in india

Whitecast is a grey or whitish appearance after applying sunscreen. This can be a factor to people skipping sunscreen, as complexions do not match. However, sunscreens such as the SAFESCREEN range of products are natural and white cast-free.

The heaviness of the sunscreen and, in some cases, even the aroma or the smell of your sunscreen are major factors to look out for. If you are starting out on sunscreen, this can be one of the key concerns holding you back from wearing sunscreen regularly.

Sunscreens are usually based on some amount of oil, and these do tend to feel heavy on the skin. However, regular sunscreen users will vouch for, with time and practice, you may find that your skin adjusts to the sunscreen very well. When it comes to points like the aroma, these are simply solved by changing the brand to choose a fragrance-free sunscreen product. Typically a mineral sunscreen tends to have some colour mismatch with your natural skin tone. This is especially noticeable for those with duskier skin tones.

Again, this is also an easily solved problem where naturally tinted mineral sunscreens like SAFESCREEN Charminar, Munnar, SEASUN and Teesta with a better complexion match can be used Either way, the acceptability of sunscreen can be easily worked on to suit an individual preferences and should not be a cause to avoid sunscreen use altogether.

mineral sunscreen india

2. Confusion around the safety of sunscreen ingredients:

While there is a great deal of discussion and debate going on about sunscreen ingredients and their safety, there is still absolutely no reason to panic. There are leading scientific and regulatory bodies that are looking into the safety of sunscreen ingredients in great detail.

For now, it is clear that the best option for special circumstances like pregnant women and nursing mothers, is a mineral sunscreen. It is also clear that newer chemical filters, such as Ensulizole and Bemotrizinol, being used in Europe, have a better safety profile than previous filters.

Safe sun behaviours such as avoiding direct sunlight, and the use of a cowboy hat, for example,  can add up the SPF by up to a factor of 7 – all of these are very useful, but often ignored, aspects of sun protection.

So a simpler way to get the best of both worlds is to be consistent with physical protection for areas that can be realistically covered by clothing and to opt for topical sunscreens for areas which are not possible to be covered by clothing.Physical protection from sun

3. Allergies, irritation and acne with sunscreens:

All your skin problem concerns can turn out to be true with the following:

  • Poor formulations of the sunscreen

  • Use of ingredients in combinations that are not revitalizing

  • Lack of awareness as to the correct quantity and method of usage of sunscreen, and  the list goes on.

So with a little introspection, it is totally possible to pick and use the best sunscreen, which can give you very good skin benefits when used regularly and consistently.

Allergies, irritation and acne with sunscreens

For support in choosing a sunscreen, all you need to do is take this quiz, and you will be presented with the best sunscreen options based on your skin type.

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