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Best tinted sunscreen
Best tinted sunscreen for Indian Skin Type
Tinted sunscreen for indian skin tone
SAFESCREEN Tintense Sunscreen IST 26

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® IST-26 Tinted Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++

    Best tinted sunscreen in India

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    best tinted sunscreen


    Pregnancy Safe
    Pregnancy Safe
    Nursing Safe
    Nursing Safe

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE Sunscreen = High Level Protection + Natural Coverage

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE is a high-coverage tinted sunscreen lotion with built in protection across UV,
    Visible and Infrared(IR) light spectrum, making it an ideal tinted sunscreen for Indian skin types.


    SPF 50+

    SPF 50+

    Immersion Tested for up to 8 hours

    Immersion Tested

    Provides good coverage for those with hyperpigmentary conditions like melasma

    good coverage
    natural content
    Indian Skin Tone

    Blends well with Indian skin types without any white cast

    UVA & UVB Protection

    UVA & UVB Protection


    PA ++++


    Non-nano Zinc, Non-nano Titanium, Non-nano Iron oxide and Beet extracts

    How to use?

    Apply the sunscreen over the face, neck and exposed areas of the body and allow it to dry.
    Reapply if needed. For more information on usage, head to the FAQ section below.


    Best tinted sunscreen in India
    Reef Safe | Clinically Tested |
    Mineral Oil-Free | Non-Comedogenic |
    Paraben-Free | No Chemical UV Filters |
    PEG-Free | Pregnancy and Nursing Safe

    TINTENSE® Minis are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and safe for use during Pregnancy & Nursing. Redeem with Zola points or Shop here and enjoy worry-free sun protection!

    Tinted Sunscreen Sample
    Best tinted sunscreen in India


    Please use this calculator to find out how much sunscreen you need for the area you wish to protect. Then apply SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen to the face and neck in dots and spread evenly. If you have melasma or other pigmentary skin conditions, you can apply more layers focusing on the affected areas which can give you good coverage while also enhancing the SPF of the sunscreen. Allow adequate drying time after product application to prevent staining of clothes/mask. If you have dry skin, make sure to use a moisturizer before applying tinted sunscreen.

    Yes! SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® Tinted Sunscreen Lotion is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® is a non-comedogenic tinted mineral sunscreen and is not known to cause acne breakouts.

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® is a makeup compatible sunscreen and suits Indian skin tones with a very good colour match. You can use it in place of a foundation and follow through with your makeup. If you are someone who likes to wear minimal makeup, then SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® can be a great product for you to achieve the so called ‘no makeup makeup look’.

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion has inbuilt moisturization due to the presence of beet extracts. However, if you feel like adding a moisturizer, it is best to use it before applying SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® Tinted Sunscreen Lotion. You can choose from two best moisturizer options OptiMIST WaterBody(for oily skin) or Peptide Therapy Creme(for dry skin).

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® Tinted Sunscreen Lotion has high water and sweat resistance as it is immersion tested at an ISO certified independent laboratory and found to retain sun protection for up to 8 hours. So you may need to reapply after 6-8 hours, especially if you are someone who spends longer durations in outdoor activities like swimming or if you sweat a lot.

    If SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® Tinted Sunscreen Lotion is used alone, a deep cleansing face wash would be sufficient to remove this sunscreen. If you wear makeup over your sunscreen, it would be better to use a biphasic makeup remover to ensure thorough removal. Periodical exfoliation with Light Routine® or Milk Route® DIY chemical peels helps eliminate the product residue thoroughly from your skin.

    Yes! If you wish to apply White Pine® Pycnogenol face serums along with your sunscreen, you may apply a thin layer of White Pine® Mousse or Mirror Glaze. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes, and then apply SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion contains non nano iron oxide which is known to provide protection against visible light spectrum. So you may add Blue Block® PM Serum to your evening or bedtime routine.

    Light Routine®/Milk Route® chemical peels are best used in the evenings/night when there is no exposure to sunlight or pollution. So you can use SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion during the day to maintain the results of chemical peels.

    With a high biodegradable content of up to 93.04%, SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion contains non-nano mineral UV filters and is free from reef harming chemical UV filters as well as nano zinc and titanium. Also, SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® IST-26 tinted sunscreen lotion is vetted to be free from parabens, microplastics and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals. So, this tinted sunscreen is safe for you as well as the planet.

    Each and every ingredient in SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion has undergone rigorous toxicology studies at CHOSEN®’s R&D and they are not known to have any carcinogenic potential as per current scientific data.

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion sunscreen is a unisex tinted mineral sunscreen in India. Men would love to use this sunscreen as it blends well without leaving any white cast.

    If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer first, followed by SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen lotion. If you have oily skin, try this tinted sunscreen without moisturizer for a week, then add moisturizer if needed.

    SAFESCREEN® TINTENSE® tinted sunscreen has been tested in vitro and shown to protect against Infrared (IR) radiation aka heat waves by 81.27% You can also check the knowledge section for a blog on protecting your skin from heat waves.