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2 minute quick guide to sunscreens

on July 31, 2022

If you are a high flying jet setter who wants to save time on their skin protection routine, without missing out on the results, this one is for you.


Traveller & Sunscreen


1. Choose a non nano mineral sunscreen. With the whole world moving to physical sunscreens to avoid the endocrine problems of chemical sunscreens, be there first!


 Sunscreens for face

2. Choose a high SPF sunscreen. If you are too busy to reapply, your skin protection chances are better with a high SPF sunscreen compared to a moisturizer with lesser SPF.

Sunscreen with high SPF


3. The best sunscreens are broad spectrum protectors. Pick up SAFESCREEN® Charminar or SAFESCREEN® Munnar to protect you, not only from the sun, but also from the gadget lights.

 Antioxidant sunscreens


4. Cleanse to remove your sunscreen product, and if any, make up off the skin completely to let the skin breathe. This step is very important.

Should I cleanse my face after sunscreen?


5. Use an exfoliator regularly to protect against pollution related pigmentation and acne.


Bonus Tip: 

The order of layering is

Moisturizer → Sunscreen → Makeup

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