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All about SAFESCREEN® sunscreens!

on May 14, 2022

Top 10 must know points about the newly launched SAFESCREEN® from CHOSEN®.

Here’s a super quick factsheet about the new sunscreens in town, SAFESCREEN® from CHOSEN®.


  1. SAFESCREENS are a high performance sunscreen range, regarded as some of the best sunscreen in India. The first set of launches includes 6 sunscreens, all based on zinc as the main filter. There are no chemical filters in the launched sunscreens.

  2. SAFESCREENS Madras Marina and Besant are the best sunscreens for face for humid and hot weather. Madras Marina is completely non nano zinc, Besant has up to 7% nano. Besant is for those with extremely greasy and oily skin types.

  3. SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road, considered one of the best pregnancy safe sunscreens in India, has the highest sun protection of them all at SPF 50 and offers a 6-hour water resistance performance. So if you are looking for a durable and water-resistant sunscreen, this is it. This is a non-nano physical sunscreen.

  4. SAFESCREEN® Charminar has the widest coverage, thanks to the star ingredient Pycnogenol®. Charminar has a natural content of 90%, and has a dewy, foundation like feel, and has a pale tint which gives a brightening effect.

  5. SAFESCREEN® Teesta is named after the mighty river of the Himalayas and contains Silymarin, which is a sun protection booster. The antioxidant gives a pale yellow feel to the sunscreen which blends very well on skin type V and VI.

  6. SAFESCREEN® Munnar is considered the best sunscreen for dry skin and for those with pigmentation conditions, both hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. This is because Munnar sunscreen is boosted by Polypodium leucotomos, an antioxidant which specifically protects pigment cells from damage.

  7. SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road is the safest sunscreen for kids, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

  8. The antioxidants in the safescreens have been formulated to retain their natural tint, which adds to the protection from the visible light. Pycnogenol® in particular has been studied to lower pigmentation caused by the association of UV and visible light, including the blue light spectrum. Polypodium in Munnar is research proven to protect against the entire UV, and the visible light spectrum, is a great option for shielding the skin from blue light damage.

  9. The natural content in SAFESCREENS are as high as 90%, which is extraordinary for a sunscreen. This makes the SAFESCREENS easily biodegradable and planet friendly.

  10. The SAFESCREENS are paraben free, phthalate free and do not contain any endocrine disruptors. They do not contain silicones, except for Besant which contains up to 2.5% silicones.

  11. The SAFESCREEN® range offers broad spectrum, durable sun protection, with a high performance against UVA rays which cause skin ageing. With a high SPF, and with critical wavelengths above 370nm, SAFESCREEN® provides 2 main benefits to the user – SAFETY and PERFORMANCE!

All you need to now do, to pick up the best sunscreen for you, is to head over to the SAFESCREENs here!