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Top 5 differences between a hair serum and a hair growth serum

on August 09, 2022

Hair growth serum and hair serum are quite different, though we commonly use these terms interchangeably. Let us look at the 5 main differences between a hair serum and a hair growth serum.

1. What is a hair serum? How is it different from a hair growth serum?

A hair growth serum is a hair care product that contains active compounds that promote hair growth. In contrast, a hair serum contains smoothening and detangling agents that improve hair manageability.

A hair growth serum effectively works to increase the speed of hair growth, stimulate new hair follicles to get into the growth cycle, prolong the anagen phase so that the hair thickness increases, and play an active role in increasing scalp coverage. Typical examples of these are the Morning Lark™ Caffeine series and the Night Owl® Melatonin series of hair growth serums at CHOSEN® Store.

In contrast, hair serum is used to increase the ease of combing hair, reduce hair tangling, and is more related to the styling of the hair.

2. How to apply hair serum Vs how to apply a hair growth serum?

A key difference between hair growth serum and hair serum is the application site. Hair serums are applied on the hair, and hair growth serums are applied on the scalp. There is no point in applying a hair growth serum on the hair tips or on the hair itself, as the hair growth serum acts on the scalp at the level of the roots. Similarly, there is no need to use hair serum on the scalp, as the scalp itself contains oil glands which are enough to nourish it. Adding too much hair serum to the scalp will give a flat, limp look to your hair, and you really do not want that!

3. How to use hair serum on a day-to-day basis? How should one use a hair growth serum?

A hair serum is best applied after a bath on half-dry hair. This protects the hair before styling and also coats the individual hair strands to reduce tangles and increase hair strength.

A hair growth serum is used very differently. Based on the instructions, the hair growth serum may need to be applied at different times of the day. For example, Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily can be applied once daily, in the morning, but can also be used in the morning and in the evening. In contrast, the Night Owl® hair growth serum is typically applied at bedtime since this is a melatonin hair growth serum, which works best when used before bedtime.

Best hair growth serum

You should look at the instructions on the package before you set to use a hair growth serum. In contrast, a hair serum can be used anytime after washing hair. Sometimes, you can even use a hair serum without washing your hair, especially if you are setting a particular style or need some additional detangling.

4. How long should I use a hair growth serum? How different is this from using a hair serum?

A hair growth serum comes with specific instructions on stepping up or stepping down, depending on your clinical response. If your hair shedding is arrested well and hair growth has started, you can move down to a maintenance routine depending on the product you are using. For example, a step-down plan for the hair growth serums at CHOSEN store looks like this.

A hair serum can be used indefinitely! It is nothing but a grooming tool, and you need to use a hair serum to keep your hair manageable and styled!

5. Why should I use hair serum? And when should I consider starting on a hair growth serum?

As we discussed above, hair serum is a grooming aid. As long as you want to manage your hair well, you can keep using a hair serum. Switching different brands of hair serums is usually not a problem, as they work mostly on the hair, and most hair serums work similarly, though their effectiveness may be very different depending on the brand.

A hair growth serum is a DIY step that you start if you want to address hair concerns like hair shedding, poor regrowth, decreasing density, increased hair fall post night shifts, hair shedding post a viral illness etc. Sometimes, you may just want to rejuvenate or stimulate the hair as well. Since hair cycles usually go on for 6-8 months at least, you may use your hair growth serum for a minimum of 2-3 months and then reassess your response.

Hair Growth Serum

If there is still shedding and you feel that you need more help, now is the time to meet your dermatologist. Hair loss is a complex phenomenon and may need a detailed workup to look at the hormones, your blood work, your general health, stress management, insulin resistance and so on. You can get an idea from the above algorithm for hair loss as to when you need to speak to your derm.

We hope you have learned the differences between hair serum and hair growth serum. Here is a quick recap to summarise:

  Hair Serum Hair Growth Serum
What is it? Grooming Aid Active product to address hairfall
Where to apply? Hair Scalp
When to apply? After hair wash As per the instructions on the product
Why to use? Increase hair manageability DIY for addressing hairloss at the initial level
How long to use? As long as you want to Depending on the product instruction and your clinical response to the product.

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