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topical caffeine serum for hair growth
Caffeine hair growth serum in India
Caffeine for hair benefits
Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution

    Promotes Hair Growth, Thickens & Strengthens Hair.

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    QUANTITY: 42 ml

    KEY BENEFITS: Promotes Hair Growth | Creates a Balanced Hair Cycle | Decreases Hair Shedding | Increases Thickness of Hair Strands | Improves Hair Strength

    GOES BEST WITH: TOR™ Bright, White Pine® Pycnogenol®, Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion, Alpecin Caffeine Solution.

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    Time for those strands to
    Get Set Grow
    A wake up call
    for your hair!
    caffeine topical solution
    What is it?

    Morning Lark™


    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate is a meso strength caffeine solution,
    formulated to stimulate the anagen (growth) phase of the hair.
    How does it work for me?
    Morning Lark™ Caffeine and Hair loss>
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    Keeps hair in the anagen
    (growth) phase for longer

    Controls hair shedding

    Thickens hair and
    improves hair strength

    Speeds up hair growth

    Benefits of caffeine for hair growth


    Formulated to be
    non irritating to the scalp

    6 to 12 week program for
    boosting your hair care
    treatment programs

    Concentrated meso solution


    Hair growth patterns are highly regulated by sleep patterns, and this is proven with the high efficacy
    of the Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion. Morning Lark™ with highly active caffeine concentrate
    completes the ecosystem of hair rest and activity phases, by regulating and
    balancing the hair cycle.

    Caffeine has long been known to increase the duration of the hair cycle. A longer
    growth phase ensures lesser shedding and increased thickness of hair strands.
    This helps control conditions like telogen effluvium, and retains the hair in
    growth phase for longer.

    - Supporting Hair Treatment -

    Caffeine has also been proven to work for androgenetic alopecia and pattern baldness,
    as an adjuvant. Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate provides a good support to treatment protocols,
    to prevent the excessive shedding that is associated with Minoxidil use.

    How to get the best out of it?
    6 to 12 weeks to strong and thick hair with Caffeine

    Caffeine Concentrate is predominantly used in clinic based hair stimulation treatments,
    this concentrate is now available in a DIY format, for use over 6 to 12 weeks.


    Clinical studies have proven that, when applied topically on the scalp, caffeine helps to arrest hair loss and promotes growth.

    Caffeine Structure
    Topical Melatonin Solution
    Together, the Morning Lark™
    & Night Owl® line of products,
    create a balanced hair cycle, which is
    better able to protect against the
    stressors that cause increased hair shedding.
    Hair growth serum for both Men and Women
    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate
    is non irritating to the scalp, and can be
    used by both men and women.
    caffeine for hair
    At CHOSEN®, we create
    ecosystems to provide holistic care
    to the skin and the hair, and the
    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate
    is the latest addition to our
    Stuff That Works®!
    Morning Lark™
    Caffeine Concentrate

    How to apply:

    Apply 0.5 to 1ml of the product,
    directly on the scalp, and massage
    gently for 1-2 minutes. Ideally used
    in the morning/ day once daily for 6-12 weeks.

    Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate for hair growth


    Yes! All the products in the Stuff That Works® range, including Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate, have been carefully curated for use by individuals and do not need a prescription. These are DIY products that are available over the counter.

    Apply 0.5 to 1ml of the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate directly on the scalp, and massage gently for 1-2 minutes using a Head Massager. Ideally used in the morning/ day once daily for 6-12 weeks.

    The right age to start using Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate is after 18 years.

    The best time to use the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate is in the morning/daytime once daily.

    You can switch from Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate to Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily after 6-12 weeks of continued usage.

    We do not suggest using hair oil since it can hinder the working of Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate, and it can also aggravate acne.

    You need to wash your hair every other day/ thrice a week while using Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate.

    Yes! The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution is suitable for all hair types.

    One bottle of Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution(42ml) lasts for up to 42 days if used 1 ml per day.

    Yes, People who have recovered from Covid 19 can use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution.

    You can slowly taper Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution for a few weeks after finishing the 6-12-week course if the shedding is well controlled. Check out the flowchart on our Instagram handle to learn how to taper caffeine usage based on the results you achieve in the 6-12 week course.

    When used together, the Morning Lark™ & Night Owl® line of products creates a balanced hair cycle, which can protect against the stressors that cause increased hair shedding.

    Yes! People with dandruff can use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution. The Morning Lark™ Caffeine range is non-irritating to the scalp and does not cause flaking, scalp dryness, or worsening of dandruff. Prolonged scalp inflammation by itself can cause or worsen hair loss, and so it would be good to have the support of a specialist.

    Yes! The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate can be used on keratin-treated hair.

    Yes! The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate can be used after a hair-smoothening/straightening treatment.

    You need to use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate continuously for 6-12 weeks to get the hairfall under control. Caffeine solutions are not known to cause withdrawal. We recommend that you step down to Caffeine Daily for the next 4-6 months, since hair cycles are around 6-9 months, and it's always a good idea to cover the entire hair cycle.

    It is better to use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution after hair wash on towel-dried hair as the absorption gets better on a clean scalp. But it is not always mandatory to have a hair wash before using the product if the scalp is reasonably clean. To put it simply, you can wash your hair twice to thrice weekly but use the Night Owl® and Morning Lark™ products daily. These products have been made to withstand scalp conditions that are common in humid environments and are pH friendly to support the scalp in cold environments as well.

    We recommend massaging with a Scalp Massager for 3-5 minutes after applying Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution to enhance penetration of the product.

    Yes, Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution targets the hair root, so it can be used on colour treated hair.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution and Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Solution are hair loss treatment solutions. They act by different mechanisms, and together, they complement each other in combating hair loss.

    Yes, a leave-on conditioner and hair serum can be used after using Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution. But in general, leave on serums are more friendly to the hair, especially in times of hair fall and hair shedding.

    Yes!  Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution is a  topical hair loss adjuvant solution and can be used by people with diabetes.

    Yes! Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution can be used by women with PCOS/PCOD.

    Yes! Caffeine can be taken when you are on topical minoxidil. In fact, Caffeine reduces the shedding associated with the initial days of Minoxidil usage. This combination has already been researched.
    However, here is a note of caution: Minoxidil can independently be associated with intermittent shedding, even in regular users, and is best taken under the guidance of a dermatologist.

    All products at CHOSEN have been formulated and manufactured in duly approved facilities with good manufacturing practices and are in line with the currently applicable standards. CHOSEN has earned the trust among users and customers as a strong science-backed solutions provider, and we continue to strengthen our products with evidence-based medical principles.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Solution  is a meso-strength caffeine for hair formulated to stimulate the anagen (growth) phase of the hair. An extended growth phase offers lesser shedding, increased thickness of hair strands, stronger, healthier, and shinier hair. Existing hair gets thicker and stronger and grows at a faster pace. Clinical studies have proven that caffeine helps to arrest hair loss and promotes growth when applied topically on the scalp.

    Here are some of the key benefits of caffeine for hair:

    • Stimulates roots and Promotes hair growth.

    • Creates a balanced hair cycle.

    • Reduces hair fall.

    • Boosts blood circulation in the scalp.

    • Increases the thickness of hair strands.

    • Improves hair strength.

    • Keeps hair in the anagen (growth phase) much longer.

    Applying Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution directly on the scalp protects the hair follicle from moving to the resting phase and helps it grow thicker and stronger. Use this product for 6-12 weeks for the best results.

    Research has proved that caffeine hair products work effectively to retain hair in the anagen/ growth phase, increase its length and stimulate hair shaft elongation. Clinical studies have proven that, when applied topically on the scalp, caffeine helps arrest hair loss and promotes hair growth. Caffeine has also been studied to aid in managing androgenic alopecia, a hereditary condition that leads to progressive thinning of the scalp hair in a defined pattern.

    The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution from the Morning Lark™ range is a step down from powerful and highly concentrated Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate meso solution.

    Caffeine Concentrate is your starter caffeine system to help control your hair fall. Once you achieve adequate control over hair fall and are looking to maintain the improved hair cycle, then it is advised to switch down to the standard Caffeine Daily as a maintenance solution.

    Drinking coffee does not have a significant impact on hair growth as much as the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate does. Several clinical studies have proved the effects of caffeine on scalp for hair loss. The topical application of caffeine has been studied to arrest hair fall and promote hair growth. Whereas drinking coffee might not have the same effects.

    The best product that stimulates hair growth is the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate solution that retails at the CHOSEN® store. It's a meso-concentrated caffeine solution that can be applied on the scalp for hair loss control.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate may be used by breastfeeding mothers only after obtaining clearance from the lactation consultant.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate is not recommended for use in pregnancy.

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    Rebecca J.
    India India

    Amazing product

    I have been facing a lot of hair fall for quite sometime. I decided to use this product and I have been using it over more than a month and I’m absolutely in love with this product. It has worked very well for me , my hair fall has reduced.My hair definitely feels denser and I can’t wait to see my hair regrow.

    India India

    Good product

    I have been suffering from hair loss for quite sometime. I have been using this product for more than a month and it works great for me. My hair fall has definitely reduced and can’t wait to see my hair regrow.

    NISHA M.
    India India

    Best solution for hairfall

    Reduced hairfall to a noticeable amount within one month of usage..

    subarekha b.
    India India

    why so expensive

    i was baffled with the ingredients of this serum, realizing its 5 times more expensive than the other brands with same ingredients. Might as well be useful if you could justify stating the concentration of the ingredients. the team has no answers to my direct request

    Rubana T.
    India India

    Dream hair with morning lark

    Love how my hair looks dense and thick with regular usage of morning lark and night owl

    Vishnu P.
    India India

    excellent hair tonic

    I have been using morning lark for a while now and i must say that it works wonders for overall maintenance.

    India India

    Great Product

    I started using the morning lark daily with night owl for 3 months before I started using this concentrate which is the opposite way actually. Been using the concentrate with night owl for a month, results have been very fulfilling in terms of arresting hair fall. I shed 2-3 strands while combing and shampooing which is unbelievable for me. Yet to see the front part of my head have some hair coverage as I have had considerable hair loss in this portion. I will continue to use it for a few more months and wait for even better results. Go for it blindly instead of wasting money on 3-4 products which will give no result or just temporary result. Also I consume tor bright for added benefit. Thanks Chosen and thank you so much Doctor Renita Rajan. You make skincare and haircare so much effective and easily available. These products are homegrown and can beat international products in terms of efficacy and ingredients. A lot of patience and consistence is required though when dealing with long term hair loss issues.

    Salma K.

    Gave me severe headache

    Bought it last week. Used it only for two nights along with night owl. Gave me immediate headache. Please help chosen.... My money shouldn't go waste.

    Aarthi D.

    Love it

    I love the product... My only concern is the way we are suppose to use it. There is a 1 ml syringe without needle. We need to take one 1ml and apply using that syringe... As I have curly hair, I'm finding it very very difficult to apply... Everyday I'm wasting about .5 ml.. I really don't know how to use syringe... My suggestion is to replace syringe with 1ml filer , may be attached to the cap . Please consider it


    Effective remedy for hair loss and promoting hair growth

    This is after 4 weeks of use on a daily basis. I have a condition of FPHL and have been having an excessive loss of hair for the past 4 years. Never have seen an effective remedy for hair loss just in a span of a month. I could see a drastic difference in the amount of hair loss (I am using this along the Night Owl from Chosen). This is a solid product. Have already repurchased and would continue to do so. If you think about the pricing of this being a little high, I can vouch that this product definitely shows results. There are even visible growth of baby hairs in my hairline. Note- I'm 22 years old diagonised w Androgenic Alopecia. Yet, this still works amazingly as a topical application.


    Caffeine boost

    I’m a medical student with a worst sleep cycle , With lots of hair loss when ever I comb and wen I hav a hair wash !! With this I was hit with covid … post covid hair loss was unimaginable!!! Ther was barely any hair on my head After which I started using this wonderful combo morning lark - night owl .. been using this for 9 weeks .. 3 more weeks to go to complete my session The results were amazing •it’s reduces hair fall hardly 5 or 6 strands of hair after combing •front hair line growth ( tiny hair growth was seen after 4 weeks of usage] •shiny and healthier hair •caffeine increases blood circulation.. there by increasing the amount of nutrition to the hair =faster hair growth • finally best part is it smells like heaven !! I’m a person who tries lots of home remedies.. buys oils and creams online !!but this product was just amazing.. I dint know something like this will exist

    Anita R.

    A quintessential produce

    Days were becoming sorrowful evertime I touched my hair, just to realize a bunch came along in love with my fingers.Tried all those traditional granny ideas, youTube backed DIY and eventually every effort of mine turned out to be a myth. These were those days until I started using "Morning Lark Caffeine Concentrate Scalp Solution".Such a quality product that I came across all through the days that I could recollect since I started testing anti hairfall strategy's. Pleasant aroma (that doesnt make you sleep) and nil side effects ( indeed am talking only for me) and suprises everyday when I wake up caressing my soft textured hairline that loves to stick in my scalp and not hopping to my fingers.I would recommend the usage of the product Anita Raju

    Aishwarya S.

    Does wonders!

    Being an IT professional it was difficult for me to take care of my hair and suffered from androgenetic alopecia. After using Morning Lark® Caffeine Concentrate I could see visible result on hair growth(baby hairs growing ). It controls hair shedding, thickens hair , speeds up hair growth and doesn't make your scalp dry/itchy. Healthier hair is made easy with this product!


    Last fall of hair fall

    I am someone who had severe hair fall tried all diy methods, oiling and everything. I have irritated itchy scalp also flakes .with no other option I went to Dr Renita .she gave me hope from my regrowth and stopping hair fall. Initially, I thought it's just a fancy thing and doesn't work but to my surprise, it worked like charm. Whenever I touch my hair I used to get at least 10-15 hairs, but after using even while hair wash I don't face any hair fall , I thought I'll be going bald soon glad this was such a rescue to me. Also, I was prescribed to use this for 6weeks plus to see the results. Also, it has like the fragrance but it was pleasant and doesn't give headache like others. I can strongly say that this product is the stuff that works well . I also prescribed to use with along night owl both are such a great combo for hair growth and to stop hair fall.



    In short we can say this product is GOD for hair (கடவுளைப் போல என்னைக் காப்பாற்றினார்). Thank you Dr. & chosen.


    The best helping hand is our own hand

    Best for hair fall and hair growth issue ….. everyone cannot go for treatment for hair loss issue ..this helps the best like your hand only helps you …. I started using night owl nd later this one … it really helped me… hair fall is decreased nd I can see the difference in my hair … it must be the 1st product to try for everyone who is facing hair issue …