A simple skincare routine for Dry Skin!


Here’s the perfect skin care routine for someone with dry skin, created from CHOSEN®’s Stuff that Works®!

Setting up the best dry skin routine is far easier than creating an oily skin routine or a skin care routine for problem skin. With dry skin, the main target is to avoid overdoing both the moisturizing and the exfoliating step, and to maintain a good and balanced routine.

For this daily skin care routine for dry skin, we will need to plan two subroutines, keeping in mind, the climate of your place. The products we need are Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, Sebamed Baby Bar, SAFESCREEN Charminar or SAFESCREEN Brigade Road, White Pine® Red Oil, Milk Route® Daily, and Light Routine® Gentle Waterless.

Product 1:


The most cushioning of the whole range of sunscreens, SAFESCREEN Charminar, gives you a very good level of moisture while being totally non comedogenic. The Pycnogenol® in Charminar, gives you a very wide spectrum protection, while having a very natural and easily blended tint. If the humidity of your city is low, you can add on a moisturizer like Sebamed Care Gel or Waterbody before getting SAFESCREEN on. Your other options are SAFESCREEN Brigade Road if you need heavy duty sun protection or if you are looking for a pregnancy safe sunscreen, and SAFESCREEN Teesta which also can be chosen, for a better colour match to suit your complexion.

Outdoor Use
Heavy use of Gadgets
Feel & finish
Ideal for
Pregnancy & Nursing
Make up Compatibility
Foundation like, soft and dewy
Lighter to normal skin tone
Brigade Road
Sheer and Invisible
Any skin tone
Dewy and sheer finish
Darker to normal skin tone


All 3 sunscreens are ecofriendly with a natural origin content of 85-90%.

Product 2:


Cetaphil Gentle cleanser is your go to, in the mornings. Post make up use, and after using sunscreen you may also enjoy using the Sebamed Bar, which does a deep cleanse without removing any beneficial skin surface oils.

Product 3:


Milk Route® Daily is the ideal exfoliator for someone with dry skin, and can do a very good job of moisturizing the skin, with simultaneous exfoliation of dead cells containing retained pigment. End result, clear, glowing, supple skin, with each exfoliation!

Product 4:

Night Serum:

A perfect finish to your day, White Pine® Red Oil is all about restoring the skin to its natural balance, refilling lost moisture, and delivering high power antioxidants to clean up the day. Powered by Pycnogenol®, which is 20 times more powerful than vitamin C, White Pine® Red Oil does not get oxidized on the skin, and is a great after sun skin care.

Product 5:

Weekly Exfoliation with Light Routine® Gentle Waterless for a moisturizing, yet deep exfoliation to uncover the skin’s natural glow. You can use White Pine® Red Oil on the same day as your Light Routine®.

Let’s get on to the routines.

Mornings: Cleanse the skin with Cetaphil Gentle face wash. Follow through with SAFESCREEN Brigade Road or SAFESCREEN Teesta , if you have a dusky skin tone, and for lighter skin tones use SAFESCREEN Charminar.  Reapply after 4 hours for SAFESCREEN Teesta and Charminar, and after 6 hours for Brigade Road.

Evenings: A make up remover step is needed if you have used any make up on your sunscreen. Cleanse the face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and follow through with Milk Route® Daily. Thoroughly cleanse the skin after exfoliating with Milk Route® Daily and let dry. You can follow through with the urban pollution detox, Blue Block® Serum.

Bedtime: Cleanse the face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and follow through with White Pine® Red Oil serum, for overnight rejuvenation.

Weekly Exfoliation with the Light Routine® Gentle Waterless delivers the best of exfoliation benefits without causing surface skin dryness, and is ideal for those with dry skin.