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Skin care products for Travellers
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    Travel Skin Care Combo

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    Travel can be tough on your skin, as climate and humidity changes can cause dryness, irritation, and breakouts. To maintain healthy skin while travelling, following a good skin care routine with the right products is important. CHOSEN has made your work easy by curating the right products as a combo to protect and nourish your skin throughout your travel.

    While travelling, make sure to start your day with a durable mineral sunscreen for your face and exposed areas of the body. Safescreen Brigade Road will be an ideal outdoor sunscreen if you travel in the plains.  But if you are someone to travel in higher altitudes, Safescreen Darjeeling will be the best sunscreen for you. You can also add a moisturizer like Sebamed Care Gel(for oily skin) or Dermavive Dry Skin Creme(for dry skin) before sunscreen application if your skin feels dry. Adding an internal sun protector like the White Pine Pycnogenol capsules can level up your sun protection game.

    At the end of your day, make sure to exfoliate your face with a daily exfoliator like Light Routine Easy salicylic acid peel. For the body, use a refreshing shower gel like the Sebamed Fresh Shower Gel and follow through with a hydrating non-occlusive moisturizer like SMOO Light to repair and nourish your skin from the sun and other environmental damage.

    Try this limited edition combo and travel with smooth and glowing skin.

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