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Milk Route Daily Lactic Acid Peel for Skin
Lactic Acid Face Peel

    Milk Route® Daily

    Hydrates as you exfoliate for Smooth and Plump Skin

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    QUANTITY: 30 ml

    KEY BENEFITS: Increases Skin Hydration | Increases Skin Reflectance | Moisturizes the Skin | Smoothens and Plumps up the Skin | Improves the Texture of the Skin | Skin Firming and Lifting

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    Milk Route® Daily

    Exfoliation Highlights

    best lactic acid peel - Milk Route Daily

    Cruelty-free | Plant Origin Active | Clinically Tested | No artificial fragrance |
    24 Hour Hydration | Gluten-free | Layer Sync | Skin Plumper | Microplastic free |
    No parabens | Oil-free formulations | Non-comedogenic | High Purity

    Comes to you in a super eco-friendly packaging!

    Is your
    yet to catch up with you?
    Peel perfection
    for plump skin
    What does it do?

    Milk Route® Daily

    - Daily exfoliation for your skin! -

    Spruce up your skin with Milk Route® Daily,
    the lactic acid home peel you need to include in
    your daily skincare routine, today!
    Milk Route® Daily

    Increases Skin Hydration

    Increases Skin Reflectance

    Moisturizes the Skin

    Smoothens & Plumps Up Skin

    Improves Texture of Skin

    Skin Firming & Lifting

    benefits of lactic acid peel

    Smoothens & Plumps Up Skin

    Improves Texture of Skin

    Skin Firming & Lifting

    Lactic Acid Peel from plants
    Peel from Plants

    Milk Route® Daily is a skin plumping agent with plant origin lactic acid.
    Yes, lactic acid is not only derived from milk but is found in many plants!

    Cleanse for Clear Skin

    An easy, safe and effective way to remove all the day's dirt and grime. Introduce healthy moisture into the skin and restore its hydration and health with Milk Route® Daily.

    - plump PERFECTion -

    Milk Route® Daily can be used pre-makeup and pre-event as a
    skin plumper for increased hydration. Make way for skin that's visibly smoother
    and plumper right from day 1.
    How to get the best out of it?
    Clear the canvas to reveal beautiful skin
    Clear the canvas to reveal beautiful skin

    Add an extra layer of deep - to your double cleanse, especially when
    you have been wearing heavy makeup or just a creme sunscreen
    that won't get off.

    Detexturize to get Selfie Ready

    Detexturize your skin before makeup, before you get ready for that evening party,
    before you take your selfies for that Instagram post.

    Any time exfoliator
    Any time exfoliator

    Follow through with your sunscreen.

    Any time exfoliator

    Follow through with one of the layer sync products from CHOSEN®.
    Or simply let your skin enjoy Milk Route® Daily’s hydration.


    Lactic acid in Milk Route® Daily hydrates the skin and make it plumper,
    while improving the texture.

    Lactic Acid Face Peel


    Yes! All the products in the Stuff That Works® range, including Milk Route® Daily, have been carefully curated for use by individuals, and do not need a prescription. These are DIY products that can be purchased over the counter.

    1. Apply the product over the face and the neck, and gently massage the product into the skin, paying special attention to the T-zone.

    2. Avoid rubbing the product into the skin. Allow 20 minutes for the Milk Route® Daily to complete its gentle exfoliation.

    3. Now, cleanse thoroughly with water.

    A lactic acid peel like the Milk Route® Daily can be gently massaged on the skin for 30 seconds maximum. After that, you can leave the peel on for about 20 minutes for the peel to complete its gentle exfoliation. Avoid handling the area further! Let it rest, and the peel will do its magic. Then wash it off thoroughly with water.

    Milk Route® Daily Lactic acid peel is best used once daily, 4-5 times a week, and layered with OptiMIST™ WaterBody™ after the peel is washed off. The skin becomes noticeably smoother, softer, and firmer with regular usage of Milk Route® Daily and OptiMIST™ WaterBody™!

    If you wish to layer OptiMIST™ WaterBody™ with Milk Route® Daily, follow the steps below:

    1) Cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser.

    2) Apply 1-2 drops of Milk Route® Daily over the face and the neck, and gently massage the product into the skin, paying special attention to the T-zone. Avoid rubbing the product into the skin.

    3) Allow 20-30 minutes for the Milk Route® Daily to complete its gentle exfoliation.

    4) Now cleanse thoroughly with water  and once the skin is dry, apply OptiMIST™ WaterBody™ as mentioned below.

    5) Invert the tube upside down to allow 1-2 drops to be expressed onto your palm. Do not squeeze the tube.

    6) Gently apply the product on the face and neck and let it dry. Allow 60-90 seconds for product absorption and film formation. Apply on clean, dry skin. Do not rub.

    8) OptiMIST™ WaterBody™ can be left overnight. If you wish to, you may also cleanse it off after 2 hours.

    This two-step cleansing and moisturizing ritual is best done in the late evenings or at bedtime.

    The right age to start using the Milk Route® Daily Lactic Acid Peel is after 15.

    You can use a  hydrating moisturizer to calm and soften the skin like the OptiMIST™ WaterBody™.

    Yes! Milk Route® Daily Lactic Acid Peel is ideal for all skin types. It gives you supple bouncy skin regardless of your skin type. It’s also very helpful for skin firming and lifting while moisturizing the skin. 

    You can use the Milk Route® Daily Lactic Acid Peel for 4-6 months, once daily for 4-5 times a week. If you are happy with your skin at the end of 6 months, you can give your skin a break. You can start using the product again after a few months, on alternative days.

    No! You should not apply oil on your face/ scalp while on a skincare regimen with Milk Route® Daily as oil is comedogenic in nature and hinders the progress you make and clogs up the pores causing acne.

    Yes! You definitely need to use sunscreen while using Milk Route® Daily. It is also advisable to limit your outdoor sunlight exposure after using the peel. You should start with a sunscreen habit first and begin your Milk Route® Daily ritual once you get on track with your sunscreen.

    Milk Route® Daily is conceived as a stand-alone treatment. It's best not to have other similar products in your regimen. The best way to go forward is to use the Milk Route® Daily as a solo therapy, or with OptiMIST™ WaterBody™, with your sunscreen and face wash if you do not have any skin regimen to start with. If you are on any skin regimen with your Dermatologist, check with them before using the Milk Route® Daily.

    Please also note that if you are on a skin regimen containing hydroquinone-based products, withdrawal should be completed over 6-8 weeks before getting on to the Milk Route® Daily.

    The best time to use the peel is at bedtime so that you can allow your skin to rest overnight. If you work night shifts, you can schedule your peel just before you go to sleep.

    No! Lactic acid products like Milk Route® Daily do not cause visible purging of the skin.

    We do not recommend steaming the face when you are on a Milk Route® Daily program.

    You can buy the best Lactic acid peel at the CHOSEN® Store. The Milk Route® Daily is a lactic acid home peel that gives you supple, dewy skin from the very first use.

    Yes! Lactic acid is suitable for all skin types, including dry skin. It can improve the skin's moisture levels and keep it hydrated, which helps you feel less dry.

    Yes! The Milk Route® Daily exfoliator hydrates the skin and is certainly safe in a person on Isotretinoin. However, given that Isotretinoin is a drug prescribed by your dermatologist, you are requested to check with your doctor before purchasing this product.

    Yes! Milk Route® Daily can be used pre-event and before make-up to plump up the skin.

    Milk Route® Daily is gentle and can be used 4-5 times per week. This is safe, effective and sufficient for cleansing, hydrating and firming the skin. This product is a moisturising exfoliator, which adds moisture to the skin, even as it removes dirt and dead skin cells.

    We recommend using Milk Route® Daily on the face and neck, and yes, it can be used on the body and combining it with stronger Milk Route® body peel will be best for body concerns.

    It is great to balance a moisturising exfoliator with a brightening exfoliator. Here’s how you can use the two, together.

    Easily for about 3- 4 months, at the usage of 4- 5 times per week.

    We at CHOSEN® brought in the Milk Route® Daily, mainly to help beginners with the chemical exfoliation process. Both application and skin maintenance are easier with the Milk Route® Daily, compared to the high precision Light Routine® series. Once you are comfortable with the idea of exfoliation, you can slowly grade up to the Light Routine® series to step up your DIY game.

    Definitely yes! Men can most certainly use this lactic acid peel. Please remember, for the peel to work, it must reach the skin. So where there is a thick beard, it may be a challenge for the product to actually reach the skin and deliver its benefits. You can trim the beard to a length that will actually allow the peel to be correctly applied on the skin. Here’s an important tip: avoid using the peel right after a shave, you can use it after a minimum of 12 hours from the time of shaving. Make sure to avoid using the peel on cuts or wounds. If you have any cuts or skin breakages from shaving, consider using a healing agent like Cicalfate.

    Milk Route® Daily can be used right after using a hair trimmer. Please make sure to avoid using the peel on cuts or wounds. If you have any cuts or skin breakages from shaving, consider using a healing agent like Cicalfate.

    No! Milk Route® Daily is not like products that can cause withdrawal effects after stopping.  It will continue to work until it is used and then for some time after. As an exfoliator, its effects are always dependent on how well the skin is protected from the sun, so make sure to get that sunscreen on.

    Yes! It is unisex. Male skin is also subjected to the sun, dirt, and grime. Milk Route® Daily will aid in exfoliation, firming, and new collagen formation.

    Yes, cleanse your face thoroughly before and after using Milk Route® Daily with a gentle cleanser.

    We do not recommend face packs while you are on Milk Route® Daily as it may interfere with the skin rejuvenation process. Please see the mistakes to avoid when using skin exfoliator products from our Unscrub® range.

    Milk Route® Daily is best used in the evenings or at bedtime to help in skin rejuvenation. If a person works at nightshift, Milk Route® Daily can be used just before going to bed.

    If you are undergoing procedures like fractional CO2 you can resume Milk Route® Daily after the scabs have completely fallen off, which is usually around 5-7 days. For procedures like peels which have skin peeling and flaking going on for 10-14 days, it is best to wait till the flaking and the peeling settle completely, before restarting Milk Route® Daily.
    Please note that the above timelines may vary between different MRF devices and different types of peels, so it is best to check with your doctor and proceed. The bottom-line is to avoid using home exfoliation unless the skin has completely recovered from the procedure you have undergone.

    Yes! Milk Route® Daily can be used in the evenings and Night creams containing Retinol at bedtime. However, it is recommended to reduce the amount of Retinol. For a more detailed understanding of using actives along with the Milk Route® Daily, please see our Insta post.

    Milk Route® Daily should only be used on intact skin. It is recommended to follow the post-procedure care suggested by your dermatologist for the skin to heal post-DPN/ Wart removal. After that, you can begin Milk Route® Daily. This process takes 10 days on average, but it can vary between individuals.

    Your upper lip laser hair removal can be scheduled after 24 hours of Milk Route® Daily usage. After laser hair removal, you can resume Milk Route® Daily after three days, provided there is no scabbing or scaling from the laser process, and the skin looks fine.

    Lactic acid peel is a chemical peel that uses lactic acid - an alpha-hydroxy acid, to gently nibble away the dull-dry skin and the dead skin cells, revealing a softer and even-toned skin. Milk Route® Daily Lactic acid is derived from plant acids, and it’s one of the most gentle yet effective AHA chemical peels out there.

    The Milk Route® Daily is a gentle lactic acid home peel for your face that’s carefully curated to give you all the benefits of plant acid for usage on a day-to-day basis.

    Milk Route® Daily does so much to your skin when used regularly! Milk Route® Daily is a home peel that's easy to use, a safe and effective way to remove all the day's dirt and grime, introduce healthy moisture into the skin and restore its hydration and health.

    Milk Route® Daily Lactic acid peel has several benefits when it comes to skin! It can hydrate the skin while exfoliating the dead skin cell from the top layers. You can expect the following results from this DIY home peel:

    • Improves Skin tone and texture.

    • Softens and Firms Skin.

    • Increased Skin Hydration & Skin Reflectance.

    • Smoothens and plumps up the skin.

    A combination of Milk Route® Daily lactic acid peel and the Light Routine® salicylic acid peel helps remove dead skin and infuse moisture.

    If you're on a Light Routine® regimen, skip using the Milk Route® Daily for 48 hours after your Light Routine® session.

    Yes! You can use the Milk Route® Daily Lactic Acid Peel for neck pigmentation.

    Yes! The Milk Route® Daily lactic acid peel works great for acne-prone, especially when combined with the Light Routine® salicylic acid home peel. Lactic acid fights acne by exfoliating dead skin cells that often clog pores and cause breakouts. Salicylic acid has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Together they work very well to reduce acne.

    Yes! The Milk Route® Daily lactic acid home peel is very beneficial for your skin. Milk acids have been used for skin for ages, and their benefits are amazing. Lactic acid peels are mild, and they can very gently remove the damaged surface of your skin, revealing younger, bouncier-looking skin underneath.

    Lactic acid peels like the Milk Route® Daily can help with dark spots and pigmentation in your skin. Lactic acid works wonderfully in suntan and acne spots to give your skin a brighter and even complexion.

    Milk Route® Daily is a great way to work on your tan without drying out the skin.

    Light Routine® is a salicylic acid peel that shrinks pores, improves acne control, combats oiliness and reduces skin dullness. Recommended usage is once a week.

    Milk Route® Daily is a lactic acid peel that increases skin hydration, skin reflectance, moisturizes the skin, smoothens and plumps up the skin, firms skin and provides a lifting effect. It is recommended to use the product 4-5 times per week.

    While both improve skin tone, texture, and overall appearance, the advantage of instant lift and hydration with the Milk Route Daily is unique compared to the USP of the Light Routine® series, which provide a stronger skin exfoliation with a more pronounced glow.

    Milk Route® Daily is amazing for reducing skin roughness and giving an even, uniform finish. Even after a single use, the skin feels softer and more lifted.

    Milk Route® Daily can be used as an underarm skin exfoliator. However, the time to use it would be 2-3 minutes thrice weekly.

    Milk Route® Daily is for the face and is a beginner level exfoliator. It can be used four to five times a week and gives a lot of moisturisation and skin plumping.

    The Milk Route® for the body is a higher level exfoliator for reducing body acne and skin roughness and is used only once a week.

    Home peels are meant to brighten the skin, and this particular one plumps up the skin with increased collagen production.

    Users love Milk Route® Daily for its ability to make a visible difference to skin softness and moisture even with the first use. With regular use, there is a noticeable improvement in skin softness, fine lines with a reduction in blemishes.

    Milk Route® Daily lactic acid peel helps with the improvement of overall skin tone and helps the face achieve an even skin tone. However, depending on the underlying cause of the pigmentation around the mouth, an expert opinion from a dermatologist may make a big difference.

    Yes, you can use the Milk Route® Daily for Keratosis Pilaris - but we recommend combining this with the stronger Milk Route® lactic acid body peel. An ideal protocol would be to combine the Milk Route® lactic acid body peel once weekly, with daily use of the Milk Route® Daily.

    Lactic peels are among the most gentle of AHA chemical peels. They are great for pigmentation when used along with a good sun protection regimen and internal antioxidants like White Pine® Pycnogenol®, which have been proven to help with melasma.

    Tightening of pores and creating an even skin tone are all very much a part of your regimen when you add on Milk Route® Daily to your regular skincare routine.

    Milk Route® Daily can be used on active acne. The benefits of lactic acid for decongesting and unclogging the skin are well known.

    Because of the increased skin reflectance and the tightened pores, users feel their skin tone to be much brighter and more even after using the Milk Route® Daily.

    Milk Route® Daily is great for controlling and regulating sebum secretion. In fact, Milk Route® Daily Lactic Acid Peel is a great beginners option for people with acne-prone and oily skin, before adding on stronger exfoliators like the Light Routine® series.

    The accumulation of skin cells and the occlusion of pores is what causes blackheads or whiteheads. Exfoliation with Milk Route® Daily is the process of removing these cells from the skin and decongesting the skin.

    Milk Route® Daily can be used by pregnant women, under the supervision of a physician.

    Milk Route® Daily Lactic Acid Peel may be used by breastfeeding mothers only after clearance from the lactation consultant.

    We do not recommend Milk Route® Daily while planning pregnancy unless cleared by your physician.

    You should avoid usage of Milk Route® Daily on your lips, eyelids, and under-eye area.

    Yes! The Milk Route® Daily lactic acid home peel is absolutely safe as it is very gentle and is curated for safe use at home.

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    Prathibha P.
    India India

    Skin purging

    I got skin purging after a week's usage. Iam not sure if I should continue the usage or not.

    Sreeteja N.
    India India

    Gentle Exfoliation

    Leaves skin plumpy and hydrated after every single use

    India India

    One of the best!!

    With an acne prone and sensitive skin,there aren't a lot of safe options on the market that deliver good results. I've seen a good change with the first use itself. Using it about 3 times a week has made my skin supple and cleared a lot of blemishes as well. Would recommend this anyday.

    NISHA M.
    India India

    Good for daily use

    Good exfoliation for daily use

    Sudha S.
    India India

    Milk Route- Glow Skin

    That glow in my face within one week of usage that is not even 7 days. Just 5 days of miracle.

    Vijayalakshmi S.
    India India

    Good daily peel

    Very good daily peel. Works as an instant glow peel for any occasion

    Alice R.
    India India

    Milk Route Daily

    Does the work perfectly as claimed! Thank you Chosen for all the products. Your thoughtful packing needs big appreciation. Love it!

    raja g.
    India India

    Good product

    Gives a nice glow over the period

    Vinya E.
    India India

    What exactly your skin needs!

    The best exfoliators of all. Super mild and gentle, gives your skin all the exfoliation and renewal it needs with an amazing glow.

    Shivani K.
    India India

    Soft supple skin

    The Milk route daily is a magical product. It makes the skin so soft and supple with just two uses of it. Thanks to Chosen and Dr.Renita for giving us such magical products and making these magical products work wonders on our skin and helping many women to have great skin and making us have so much self confidence with our glowing skin.

    Anisha F.
    India India


    Worth the money Gives you a glow

    Sujitha S.
    India India

    Great exfoliator

    Leaves skin bright and smooth. I get this nice shine on the nose after usage. Great product and suits my dry skin.

    Nithya T.
    India India

    Will get supple and clear skin

    It keeps away your skin dead cells

    Prarthana M.
    India India

    Milk route daily

    Best that I've tried so far for an at home peel

    Abinaya N.
    India India

    Makes the skin smooth

    Skin feels soft and smooth after every use

    Nivetha M.
    India India

    Excellent exfoliator

    Im using this for a month now. Dry skin like me need exfoliation mean milk route is good choice. It’s very mild using regularly can see a difference in my marks, acne and texture as well. A good exfoliator which doesn’t dry skin further.