TOR™ Prime - Premium Marine Collagen containing Verisol® F
TOR™ Prime - Premium Marine Collagen containing Verisol® F
TOR™ Prime - Premium Marine Collagen containing Verisol® F
TOR™ Prime - Premium Marine Collagen containing Verisol® F
TOR™ Prime - Premium Marine Collagen containing Verisol® F
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    TOR™ Prime - Premium Marine Collagen containing Verisol® F

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    QUANTITY: 30 servings per 240g pack.

    KEY BENEFITS: Increases Skin Elasticity | Skin Lifting & Firming | Reduces Wrinkles | Improves Hair Characteristics | Improves Bone Health | Reduces Scars

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    Repair . Replenish
    Verisol® F in TOR™ PRIME works with you to achieve younger looking skin and better hair quality.

    TOR™ PRIME contains Verisol® F, the actual research compound that has been proven to increase skin elasticity and reduce the prominence of wrinkles in as early as 4 weeks of use, with even better results at 8 weeks.

    What does collagen do?
    Collagen has got you
    - COVERED -
    Improve bone health

    Specific collagen peptides have positive impact on bone health by improving bone mineral density. Collagen also helps reduce the risk of bone disorders by lowering the levels of proteins that contribute to bone breakdown.

    Reduce Scars

    Glycine found in collagen enhances the process of skin and tissue repair. Collagen being the building block of our skin, increases skin elasticity and augments post surgical wound healing and makes for better scar quality.

    Why do I need it?
    Antiaging with TOR™

    Reinforce the natural support network of the skin by including TOR™ collagen in your diet! Bioactive Collagen Peptides help skin lifting and firming, reduce wrinkles and improve skin health.

    What does Verisol® F do for my skin?
    that works
    Verisol® F

    Dull, lifeless skin no more with TOR™ PRIME! Boost the body’s natural collagen production and improve cellulite affected areas. VERISOL® F is THE compound that aids in restoring youth to your skin.

    Oral supplementation increases density of collagen in the skin’s dermis. Collagen also hydrates the skin, making it look smoother and fuller, promoting the formation of naturally stronger collagen fibrils in the skin.

    The secretion of hyaluronic acid by skin fibroblasts is stimulated, thereby augmenting skin healing.

    Hair Health & Marine Collagen

    Have weak, brittle hair? Increase hair tensile strength with collagen peptides. Men and women with self perceived thinning of hair, or undergoing treatments for androgenetic alopecia will benefit from hydrolysates found in collagen that help improve hair characteristics.

    Healthy Tasty Safe

    Can easily be added to a beverage of your choice, and goes great with black coffee, bullet coffee, green tea – the options are endless.

    Formulated in a delicious
    American Ice Cream Flavour
    So yummy that you look forward to your collagen time. Healthy and Tasty – easily, the best tasting marine collagen around.

    TOR™ PRIME Goes best with TOR™ Bright

    - simply mix one scoop each of TOR™ Bright and TOR™ PRIME, and enjoy the exhilarating combination of taste and health! -

    The TOR™ (Theory
    of Reinforcement) Range:

    TOR™ Classic with Peptan® F

    TOR™ Bright with OptiMSM®

    TOR™ PRIME with Verisol® F

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