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Skin protection combo from gadget light

    Light Proof your skin from Pigmentation

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    Light gives life! Unfortunately, light also causes skin pigmentation and skin dullness. Research confirms that the entire light spectrum, from UV to Infrared, can worsen pigmentation conditions, like melasma.

    But with all of us always exposed to light, be it from the sun or our gadgets, we need proactive protection from light to prevent or reduce pigmentation like this complete light protection combo – Heliocare Water Gel Sunscreen and the Blue Block® PM Serum. 

    The first step is to apply Blue Block® PM Serum, and lock in the moisture and Ashwagandha generated blue light protection. Follow through with Heliocare Water Gel as the next step, and your light protection will be turned up to max levels.

    Use this duo consistently, whether you want to reduce pigmentation or prevent pigmentation, and see visible results on your skin within 10-12 weeks of consistent use!

    Get your skin light-proofed today.

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