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Scalp Massager
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    Scalp Massager

    Best head massager

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    The Scalp Massager from CHOSEN® is back by popular demand! With scientific data showing that standardized scalp massages as helpful in both improving hair characteristics as well as in increasing drug penetration, this hair therapy device has been brought in to support CHOSEN®'s hair treatment solutions like the Morning Lark® Caffeine and the Night Owl® Melatonin ranges. The stretch and vibration provided by these massagers stimulate the dermal papilla cells and increase the capacity of the hair to get stimulated when using caffeine and melatonin.


    The head massager comes with 126 gold-plated blunt prongs and is battery-operated. We recommend using the massager in gentle pulses of 5-10 seconds, on and off, for about 3-5 minutes. Use very minimal pressure, the device is easily activated into vibration. This can be used right after the application of any of the hair loss adjuvant solutions available on CHOSEN®.

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