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Ice roller for the skin
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Ice Roller for Face - Amethyst
Ice Roller

    Ice Lolly® - Redeem for 1500 Zola Points

    Ice roller for face

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     Redeem with 1500 Zola Points

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    The Ice Lolly®, a companion product to the Light Routine® and Milk Route® series, is a convenient way to cool down the skin after a gentle chemical exfoliation.

    Compared to cooling the skin down with an ice cube, the Ice Lolly® gives a more controlled cooling. This is ideal after a session of the Light Routine® Gentle or Milk Route® Daily on the face, where ice cubes can cause patchy cooling and redness. 

    Also, it is way less messy than an ice cube, and it can be used on the non-Light Routine® or Milk Route® days as well, say if you just want to pamper the skin in the summer heat!


    1. Cleanse with soap water before usage, dry it and proceed to cool the skin right after your ritual with the Light Routine® Soft or Gentle or Milk Route® Daily.

    2. Once you are done, wash the Ice Lolly® with soap and water, dry it. Then, place it in a Ziploc bag and let it cool in your refrigerator's door compartment/dairy area.


    Avoid storing it in the freezer.

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