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Morning Lark Caffeine Daily
Caffeine daily for Hair Loss
Caffeine Serum for Hair

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution

    Controls Hair Loss and Strengthens the hair characteristics

    29 reviews
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    QUANTITY: 90 ml

    KEY BENEFITS: Promotes Hair Growth | Creates a Balanced Hair Cycle | Decreases Hair Shedding | Increases Thickness of Hair Strands | Improves Hair Strength

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    Time for those strands to
    Get Set Grow
    Caffeine care
    for your hair
    What is it?

    Morning Lark Caffeine Daily

    - CUPPA IN A CAN -

    The All New Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution
    from the Morning Lark™ range is here.
    How does it work for me?
    Morning Lark

    Keeps hair in the anagen (growth) phase for longer

    Controls hair shedding

    Thickens hair and improves
    hair strength


    Speeds up hair growth

    Formulated to be non irritating to the scalp

    Maintenance program for your hair

    - DAILY DOSE -

    The ideal step down from your almighty and all powerful
    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate meso solution.

    Caffeine is a proven ingredient for arresting hair shedding and hair loss,
    and the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily solution is perfect for regular, daily use.


    Caffeine Daily Caffeine solution is non-irritating to the scalp
    and does not cause flaking, scalp dryness, or worsening of dandruff.

    A product developed purely to meet growing consumer demand,
    the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily does not have any strong fragrance and is easily tolerated by both men and women.

    How to get the best out of it?

    Apply product directly on the scalp and
    massage gently for
    1-2 minutes. Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily is ideally used in mornings and evenings, twice daily.


    When applied topically on the scalp, caffeine helps arrest
    hair loss and promote growth, according to clinical studies.

    Morning Lark
    Caffeine Daily

    No strong fragrance

    Non irritant to scalp

    Formulated for daily use

    For men & women


    Yes! All the products in the Stuff That Works® range, including Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily, have been carefully curated for use by individuals and do not need a prescription. These are DIY products that are available over the counter.

    Apply 1 to 1.5 ml of the product directly on the scalp and massage gently for 1-2 minutes using a Scalp Massager. Ideally, you can use it in the mornings and evenings, twice daily, for 6-12 weeks.

    You can switch from Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate to Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily after 6-12 weeks of continued usage. 

    Yes, People who have recovered from Covid-19 can use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily.

    The best time to use the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily is in the mornings and evenings, once to twice daily.

    When used together, the Morning Lark™ & Night Owl® range of products creates a balanced hair cycle, which can protect against the stressors that cause increased hair shedding.

    Yes! People with dandruff can use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily. The Morning Lark™ Caffeine range is non-irritating to the scalp and does not cause flaking, scalp dryness, or worsening of dandruff. Prolonged scalp inflammation by itself can cause or worsen hair loss, and so it would be good to have the support of a specialist.

    We do not suggest using hair oil since it can hinder the working of Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily, and it can also aggravate acne.

    You need to wash your hair every other day/ thrice a week while using Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily.

    The right age to start using Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily is after 18 years.

    Yes! The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily can be used on keratin-treated hair.

    Yes! The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily can be used after a hair smoothening/straightening treatment.

    Yes! The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily is suitable for all hair types.

    One bottle of Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily (90ml) lasts for up to 30 days if used 3ml per day, and up to 2 months if used 1.5ml per day.

    It is better to use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution after hair wash on towel-dried hair as the absorption gets better on a clean scalp. But it is not always mandatory to have a hair wash before using the product if the scalp is reasonably clean. To put it simply, you can wash your hair twice to thrice weekly but use the Night Owl® and Morning Lark™ products daily. These products have been made to withstand scalp conditions that are common in humid environments and are pH friendly to support the scalp in cold environments as well.

    We recommend massaging with a scalp massager for 3-5 minutes after applying Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution to enhance penetration of the product.

    Yes, Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution targets the hair root, so it can be used on colour treated hair.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution and Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Solution are hair loss treatment solutions. They act by different mechanisms, and together, they complement each other in combating hair loss.

    Yes, a leave-on conditioner and hair serum can be used after using Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution. But in general, leave on serums are more friendly to the hair, especially in times of hair fall and hair shedding.

    Yes!  Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution is a  topical hair loss adjuvant solution and can be used by people with diabetes.

    Yes! Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution can be used by women with PCOS/PCOD.

    This is dependant on your level of hair loss. We recommend that you follow the suggested protocols for best results.

    Yes! Caffeine can be taken when you are on topical minoxidil. In fact, Caffeine reduces the shedding associated with the initial days of Minoxidil usage. This combination has already been researched. However, here is a note of caution: Minoxidil can independently be associated with intermittent shedding, even in regular users, and is best taken under the guidance of a dermatologist.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Solution is a topical caffeine solution for hair formulated to stimulate the anagen (growth) phase of the hair. An extended growth phase offers lesser shedding, increased thickness of hair strands, stronger, healthier, and shinier hair. Existing hair gets thicker and stronger and grows at a faster pace. Clinical studies have proven that caffeine helps arrest hair loss and promotes growth when applied topically on the scalp.

    Here are some of the key benefits of caffeine for hair:

    • Stimulates roots and promotes hair growth.

    • Creates a balanced hair cycle.

    • Reduces hair fall.

    • Boosts blood circulation in the scalp.

    • Increases the thickness of hair strands.

    • Improves hair strength.

    • Keeps hair in the anagen (growth phase) much longer.

    Applying Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily directly on the scalp protects the hair follicle from moving to the resting phase and helps it grow thicker and stronger. Use this product as maintenance for 6-12 weeks for the best results after completing a 6-12 week course with the Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate

    Research has proved that caffeine hair products work effectively to retain hair in the anagen/ growth phase, increase its length and stimulate hair shaft elongation. Clinical studies have proven that, when applied topically on the scalp, caffeine helps arrest hair loss and promotes hair growth. Caffeine has also been studied to aid in managing androgenic alopecia, a hereditary condition that leads to progressive thinning of the scalp hair in a defined pattern.

    The Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily Scalp Solution from the Morning Lark™ range is a step down from powerful and highly concentrated Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate meso solution. Caffeine Concentrate is your starter caffeine system to help control your hair fall. Once you achieve adequate control over hair fall and are looking to maintain an improved hair cycle, it is advised to switch down to the standard Caffeine Daily as a maintenance solution.

    Drinking coffee does not significantly impact hair growth as much as the topical application with the Morning Lark™ does. Several clinical studies have proved the effects of caffeine on the scalp for hair loss. The topical application of caffeine has been studied to arrest hair fall and promote hair growth. Whereas drinking coffee might not have the same effects.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily is NOT recommended for use in pregnancy.

    Morning Lark™ Caffeine Daily may be used by breastfeeding mothers only after obtaining clearance from the lactation consultant.

    You need to use Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate continuously for 6-12 weeks to get the hairfall under control. Caffeine solutions are not known to cause withdrawal. We recommend that you step down to Caffeine Daily for the next 4-6 months since hair cycles are around 6-9 months, and it's always a good idea to cover the entire hair cycle.

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    Balambigai R.


    I'm using morning lark for last few months.. In a month of use Itself, I could see baby hair. It's really working great for me.. Thank you Dr.Renita and chosen for giving this amazing product. You make my hair care routine is very easy and simple..

    Sapna S.
    India India

    Great results!!

    Found visible difference in my hair quality and new baby hairs

    India India

    Game changer

    New baby hair started growing in front

    Noelin S.
    India India

    Hair fall is controlled

    It’s a wonderful product

    Suganya R.
    India India

    It’s an okay okay product for me

    The packing and the bottle quality was not good in comparison with other products of chosen. Product effect- May be it requires some time to see full result. And the effect is not up to mark for my scalp.

    India India

    Easy and practical packaging

    The new packaging is easy and very practical to use. It would be great if the same kind of packaging is introduced for the Morning Lark conc and night owl.

    Lavanya V.
    India India

    Morning lark caffeine daily

    Good hair fall control and strength the hair

    Pavithra M.
    India India

    Amazing results !

    It’s an wonder product for people facing drastic hairfall . Results can be appreaciated in a month . But at the same time post application, Mild headache will be experienced but dat settles after a week usage.

    Naga N.
    India India

    One of the best scalp solution

    After started using this scalp solution I can able to see drastic changes in my hair fall.

    Pooja U.
    India India

    Game changer

    I have been using these products for the past 3 months and I really love using it!

    India India

    Works like magic!!!!

    Omggggg, words are a limited means to express HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS product. I did not have any major hair issues but lil bit of baldness on my temples which i guess is due to tight hairstyles since I was a kid and I wasn't aware of it's after effects. Within a month i saw soooooooooo much hair growth on my bald spots now that area is completely covered with baby hair. Such an effective product and i really didn't expect much when I purchased this but it blew my mind. It's non greasy and it has fragrance but it smells luxurious. I've already suggested this to soooo many of my friends. It really works guys, period.

    Nandhinee R.
    India India

    Lark my Saver❤️

    I am using Lark for one year and i could see that my baby hairs are sprouting out also the hair fall is gradually getting reduced. Hair saver❤️

    India India

    Wow Product

    Definitely an awesome product for hair care. Using it with night owl, and it is doing great job for my hairfall control. Chosen products are definitely addictive!!! Love your products and more to it, trust your products.


    Magic Booster, Best drink for Scalp nd Hair

    Morning Lark caffeine daily must say perfect one to protect ur hair I'm facing hairfall past 2yrs not at all just hairfall amost the extreme hairfall, tried lots of homemade DIY didn't worked 2nd- take naturopathic treatment patiently fr 7mnths no use 3- plan to see 1 DERMA in my native he prescribe me Tablets, serum patiently tuk those tablets no use my hairfall remains same,4-aftr 3mnths saw anther derma ask me do PRP my parents nt allows me to tk prp so won't take frm tat derma,nd aftr 1mnth saw anthr derma he analyse my scalp nd suggest Minoxidil MICRONEEDLING I tuk 3 sessions lost almost my money fr serums nd treatment bt my hairfall goes to extreme before than that Used to cry a lot nd lost all my confidence,atlast I'm come to an conclusion k nthng wrkd fr me have to stopped this, literally fed up nd thn 1day jzt scroll insta nd CHOSEN page,my goodness saw Morning Lark thn I used to check reviews nd thn I bought it bcz cost 750rs wen compared to othr costly serums.... tried within 2wks hairfall totally under Control my saviour no words to xprs hw hpy,MORNING LARK wrked so well nd along wid tat I tuk lotz of vegies, fruits nd nuts,It's jzt 1 STOP SOLUTION FR HAIR, along wid this I'm using NIGHT OWL also it makes my sleep pattern so well. Thank u so much Dr RENITA nd CHOSEN fr this products no words to xprs my gratitude bcoz who loose their confidence they only knw their pain u guys are the saviour to rescue fr Hairfall tq so much

    Santhiya S.

    Best for Hair

    I got result with in 3 week's and we can use without any consultation because it's DIY product......

    Santhiya S.

    Best for Hair

    I got result with in 3 week's and we can use without any consultation because it's DIY product......