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SMOO® Moisturizing Crème Light for Body
SMOO® Moisturizing Crème Light for Body
best body moisturizer for dry skin
SMOO Light body moisturizer
SMOO Light moisturizing body cream
Moisturizing body lotion
Best body moisturizer for dry skin
SMOO Light Anti Ageing Body Moisturizer
SMOO® Moisturizing Crème Light for Body
SMOO Light Body Moisturizer 42ml

    SMOO® Moisturizing Crème Light for Body

    Best antiaging body moisturizer for all skin types

    KEY BENEFITS: Reduces Skin Ageing in the Neck | Plumps your skin | Reduces Skin Dullness from Dehydration | Best Moisturizer for Neck Skin.

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    SMOO® LIGHT Moisturizing Crème for Hydrated & Youthful Skin

    What your skin wants?

    Active hydration for soft & SMOOth skin

    SMOO® LIGHT is rich in
    natural goodness of Tucuma & Aloe extracts.

    Fragrance-free SMOO® Light Moisturizing Crème melts into your skin, leaving you with a smooth, cushiony feel,
    without being greasy or heavy on the skin.

    best moisturizer for dry skin

    Allow SMOO® LIGHT to work its magic

    by leaving it overnight if you experience dry, rough, dull,
    and dehydrated skin on your hands, feet, neck, and body.

    Why do I need it?

    Hydration without heaviness


    Light moisturization in tropical winters

    Sustained moisturization for those in AC environments.

    Non greasy moisturization for dry environments, such as air travel.

    Replenishes moisture for those who are exposed to hand sanitizers repeatedly and cannot use heavy moisturisers.

    Helps with ageing skin as the moisturiser plumps the skin and reduces dullness from dehydration.

    Overnight moisturiser for those with dry hands and feet due to primary hyperhidrosis.

    Helps reduce signs of skin ageing on the neck.

    How to get the best out of it?

    Feel the SMOO® Light work for you

    Gently apply the product on dry skin and lightly massage
    to facilitate rapid and complete absorption of the product.


    Moisturizing Crème

    best anti-ageing body moisturizer in India


    SMOO from CHOSEN Store is a range of crème moisturizers with very high natural content. SMOO is positioned as a luxurious, plant based moisturising ritual for highly visible but neglected areas of our body like the neck, hands, elbows, knees and feet.

    SMOO Moisturising Creme is made of natural plant based ingredients. With around 98.6% natural content, Smoo Light and Fresh moisturizers are anchored by Tucuma butter, Meadowfoam seed oil, Aloe extracts and plant Squalane. With almost 96.8% natural content, Smoo Moist moisturizer is boosted with Jasmine butter and Shea butter in addition to Tucuma butter and Aloe extracts.

    SMOO Light: A fragrance free light moisturiser for those who want non occlusive but long lasting moisturization. A perfect daytime moisturizer for tropical weather, where heavy moisturization just feels oily and greasy. SMOO Fresh: It is the scented version of SMOO Light, with notes depicting sophisticated energy and a touch of spring. The fragrance has been specifically researched to be phthalate free. SMOO Moist: SMOO Moist is all about bouncy moisturisation, with very quick absorption into the skin, in a matter of minutes. More luxurious than the Light and Fresh version, SMOO Moist can repair, rehydrate and replenish skin moisture reserves when used in your bedtime body ritual.

    SMOO range of moisturizers contains deep nourishing plant butters which will repair and rehydrate your skin thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the body. In fact, meadowfoam oil in SMOO Light and Fresh has been studied to delay photoageing.

    SMOO body moisturizers work immediately from the moment you start using them. With continuous usage, you will feel your skin to be more hydrated and supple.

    SMOO body moisturizers are rich in plant oils, because of which we do not recommend using them if you have acne prone skin or avoid using them over the regions prone to acne.

    Plant-based ingredients in SMOO body moisturizers possess antioxidant properties, which can reduce pigmentation when used consistently. Specifically, meadowfoam oil in SMOO Light and Fresh can reduce sun-induced pigmentation on the skin.