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Sprouts Salad with WAH-TOR™ plant-based collagen builder


Sprouts Salad with WAH-TOR™ plant-based collagen builder

Avail the goodness of moong dal sprouts with WAH-TOR™ plant-based collagen builder by preparing this sprouts salad. Enjoy it as a meal or snack and nourish your whole body.


Moong dal sprouts - 1 cup

Onion- ½ cup (chopped)

Cucumber - peeled and cubed - ½ cup

Tomatoes - ½ cup (without pulp - chopped)

Coriander leaves - 1 tbsp chopped

Lemon juice – 1 tbsp

Pepper powder - 1 tbsp

Chaat masala - ½ tbsp

Salt to taste

WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol - 1 scoop

WAH-TOR™ Phycocyanin - 1 scoop

WAH-TOR™ Astaxanthin - 1 scoop


1. Peel the vegetables and chop them into small pieces 

2. Transfer the moong dal sprouts and the chopped vegetables to a bowl and give it a good toss.

3. Add coriander leaves, cumin powder, pepper powder, chaat masala, WAH-TOR  Pycnogenol, WAH-TOR Phycocyanin, WAH-TOR Astaxanthin and lemon juice

4. Mix the salad thoroughly and enjoy a mouthful of goodness!

Nutritional Value

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat
159.8 kcal 10.66 g 25.15 g 0.67 g


Benefits of plant-based collagen builder:

  • Repairs damaged skin.

  • Acts as an internal sun protector.

  • Protects the skin from oxidative damage.

  • Increases collagen in the skin.

  • Fights fine lines and wrinkles.