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Spicy Carrot Latte with WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol® Collagen Builder


Spicy Carrot Latte with WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol® Collagen Builder

Looking for a unique and healthy twist on a classic soup? Try this Spicy Carrot Latte recipe featuring WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol® collagen builder for added benefits. This flavorful soup is packed with vegetables and spices, making it a perfect addition to any meal.


Carrot - 1 med sized 40g

Tomato - ½ no.

Yellow Moong dal - 1 tbsp.

Coriander seed - ½ tsp.

Jeera - ½ tsp.

Pepper - ½ tsp.

Curry leaves - 4-5nos.

Coriander leaves - for garnishing

Salt - as per taste

Collagen builder supplement - 1 scoop (WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol®)


1. Wash the carrot and peel off the skin. Chop the carrot into small pieces.

2. Wash the tomato and cut it into slices.

3. In a pressure cooker, add the chopped tomato, carrot, jeera, coriander seed, pepper, curry leaves, and moong dal.

4. Pressure cook the mixture for 3-4 whistles.

5. Allow the pressure cooker to cool down before opening it.

6. Pour the cooked mixture into a blender and blend until smooth.

7. Add salt to taste.

8. Add WAH-TOR™ Pycnogenol® collagen builder and mix well.

9. Pour the soup into a bowl and garnish with coriander leaves.

10. Serve hot, and enjoy your homemade carrot and tomato soup!


Nutritional Value

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat
70.6 kcal 4.49 g 10.8 g 0.55 g



  • Acts as an internal sun protector

  • Helps in reducing free radical damage

  • Reduces skin pigmentation

  • Brightens skin tone