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Sweet Potato Balls with WAH-TOR™ Astaxanthin Vegan Collagen Builder


Sweet Potato Balls with WAH-TOR™ Astaxanthin Vegan Collagen Builder

Looking for a healthy and tasty snack that's also easy to make? Look no further than these delectable Sweet Potato Balls! These bite-sized treats are the perfect pick-me-up snack for any time of day, made with tender sweet potatoes, protein-packed green gram sprouts, and a touch of flavorful spices. Plus, with the added nourishment of WAH-TOR™ Astaxanthin collagen builder, they're as good for your skin as they are for your taste buds. So, whip up a batch of these delicious balls, and enjoy the perfect combination of taste, nutrition, and convenience!


Sweet potato 1 medium-sized - 100g

Green gram sprouts - 30g

Salt as per taste

Chilli powder - ½ tsp.

Chat masala - ¼ tsp.

Collagen builder - 1 scoop (WAH-TOR Astaxanthin)


1. Add the washed sweet potato and cook for 3 whistles in a pressure cooker.

2. Peel the skin and mash the cooked sweet potato well.

3. Add the green gram sprouts, salt, chat masala, chilli powder, and collagen builder and mix well

4. Make it into round shape balls and serve it.


Nutritional Value

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat
118.9 kcal 2.33 g 27.4 g 0.1 g



  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Helps in post-workout recovery

  • Fights sun-induced pigmentation

  • Delays skin ageing