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10 reasons why SAFESCREEN® Besant stands unique and different from the rest of the SAFESCREENS

on May 14, 2022

SAFESCREEN® Besant stands unique and different from the rest of the SAFESCREENS, the extensive and inclusive line of mineral sunscreens from CHOSEN. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. SAFESCREEN Besant has been specifically formulated for Indian skin types – particularly, the greasy skin type that comes from excessive activation of sebum glands in a humid environment. While people with oily skin find sunscreens occlusive, people with greasy skin find sunscreens intolerable. Besant is dedicated to those who find it difficult even to use sunscreens for a short time, owing to the greasiness of their skin.
  2. Besant sunscreen is sunscreen for faces that are extremely oily to greasy. You may need a different SAFESCREEN® for the other parts of your body.
  3. This is a mousse sunscreen, which contains blended zinc. Some of the zinc particles are very large and some, very small – this makes it possible for this sunscreen to adsorb the sebum and hold it between the zinc particles. Also, this blending in a mousse formulation, reduces any sunscreen particle absorption into the skin. You will find that this sunscreen is dry and doesn’t hold well together – that’s the precise way in which it helps greasy skin.
  4. The finish of this fluffy mousse like sunscreen is matte and primer like on the skin. This sunscreen contains about 0.45% silicones. If you wish to avoid silicones in sunscreen, but have oily skin, your alternative option is Madras Marina SAFESCREEN.
  5. This sunscreen contains natural content of 80%, which makes it very eco-friendly and compatible with Green Chemistry, while balancing the needs of people who wish to enjoy sunscreen, even when they have intolerant skin types.
  6. SAFESCREEN® Besant may take about 10-15 minutes to settle down on the skin, and may have a prominent brightness during that period. Over the course of the day, this tends to settle down well. If you wish for a sebum regulating sunscreen with zero white cast, check out the SAFESCREEN Teesta Sunscreen.
  7. There are no fragrances, parabens or mutagenic ingredients in this sunscreen.
  8. Besant is a great outdoor sunscreen, and can readily withstand the excessive pouring out of sweat and sebum. For best results, apply this product on a clean, dry face and not immediately after washing the face.
  9. As a powder finish to matte finish sunscreen, we recommend the use of Besant underwater for a period of 40-45 minutes only. While it is sweat resistant for longer, the fluffy and airy nature of its light touch formulation, recommends that you use a sunscreen like Madras Marina for water sport.
  10. As a sunscreen containing silicones, and unlike all the other sunscreens in the SAFESCREEN® range, the Besant sunscreen needs to be removed with a biphasic make up remover, followed by cleansing. 

You can get this highly recommended sunscreen for acne prone, oily to greasy skin types, now at the SAFESCREEN collection