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How much SPF do you actually need?

on May 27, 2023

The most recognized number on a sunscreen is its SPF rating. And now that you have checked out the amount of sun protection that each SPF level provides, using our first-of-its-kind SPF meter, let us see how much SPF to use.

What SPF sunscreen is for regular use?

For everyday sunscreen use, an SPF of 15 would do for Indian skin types. However, for anyone looking to treat pigmentation, a higher SPF of 30 is recommended Much higher SPF is not required unless there is a genetic or racial predisposition for skin cancers.

When to use SPF 50 sunscreen?

The main advantage of an SPF 50+ or SPF 40+ sunscreen over SPF 30,  lies in the way a person uses the product. If sunscreen is applied in the correct amount, and making sure to cover all the intended areas, then SPF 30 is good enough. However, most people do not apply adequate amounts, and in such cases, SPF 50 sunscreen would be more protective than SPF 30. 

Best mineral sunscreens with SPF 50

You should note that SPF predominantly measures the impact of UVB. SPF measurement uses redness or erythema as an important metric, and UVB is 1000 times more stronger than UVA at creating redness on the skin. However, UVA is more relevant to Indian skin types, as this is the main component of the ultraviolet spectrum that causes skin aging and skin pigmentation. Also, UVB has seasonal peaks, while UVA is experienced all year round - a very good reason why your regular sunscreen must have high UVA protection, which is noted as PA ++++ rating. SAFESCREENS, all mineral sunscreens from CHOSEN®, have the perfect mix of UVA and UVB protection that works best for Indian skin. With a critical wavelength above 370nm and with plant based actives like Pycnogenol and Polypodium, which have protective properties against visible light, you can rest assured about complete and adequate sun protection when using a SAFESCREEN®. Check out the full range of mineral sunscreens here!

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