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A simple skin care routine for oily skin!

on May 14, 2022

How to construct a simple skin care routine for oily skin using CHOSEN®’s dermatologically tested skincare product line up?

Let’s look at creating a beginner skincare routine for someone with oily skin, using all the top rated and popular cosmeceuticals available at CHOSEN®!

Product 1:

Sunscreen: For complete beginners with oily skin, the best place to start is with SAFESCREEN Besant or SAFESCREEN Madras Marina.

Though, if you want to avoid silicones altogether, you may consider picking up Madras Marina as your first sunscreen. A creamy fluid, Madras Marina is a non comedogenic sunscreen, based on zinc as the sunlight blocker. Ideal for oily skinned individuals, Madras Marina is the first step for beginners with oily to combination, acne prone skin.

You may eventually wish to step up to sunscreens like Charminar or Teesta, once the oiliness is much better. 

Product 2:

Facewash: You may want to consider using the Sebamed Bar or Cetaphil Bar for regular cleansing, and the Cetaphil Brightness Reveal Cleanser for some deeper cleansing if you have been sweating or have been exposed to a lot of dust.

Product 3:

Exfoliator: If you are starting out, you may wish to do the exfoliation step with a daily milder exfoliator like Light Routine® Easy. Based on salicylic acid, Easy does a good job of daily renewal of the skin’s surface.

Product 4:

Detexturiser: This is an ideal step to decongest the skin without stripping off too much moisture from the skin’s surface. The White Pine® Mousse is highly recommended as a good skin decongester. For very greasy skin, use the White Pine® Mirror Glaze.

Product 5:

Moisturiser: Considering this is the skin care routine for oily skin, we are going to go with Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel or OptiMIST WaterBody for the day.

Product 6:

Acne spot treatment product, or post acne redness managing product – Re(d)covery™ Serum. This is a needed step for those managing sensitive skin, recovering from steroid use or bleaching serum use, those with active acne and post acne redness. 

Now, let us get to the routines!

Skin Care Product Routine for Oily Skin:


Cleanse the face with Sebamed Bar or Cetaphil Bar. Follow through with SAFESCREEN Besant or Madras Marina.


Cleanse the face again with Sebamed or Cetaphil Bar and follow through with Light Routine® Easy to deep cleanse and exfoliate. Do not exceed the mentioned time, for best results. If you are managing acne or pigmentation, you can either use Re(d)covery™ Serum as a spot cream now, or the White Pine® Mousse on the acne spots.


Cleanse the face with Cetaphil or Sebamed Bar, and follow through with either the Mousse or the Glaze. If you have used the Mousse in the evening for spots, you can now use the Re(d)covery™ instead of the Mousse. Apply the product evenly over the face, focusing on the congested and acne prone areas. Always apply, do not rub.