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10 reasons that make SAFESCREEN® Howrah SPF 30 sunscreen, your favourite ever!

on August 15, 2022

Looking for the best colour matched sunscreen – SAFESCREEN® Howrah Sunscreen is here!

10 reasons that make SAFESCREEN® Howrah SPF 30 Sunscreen, your favourite ever from the range of SAFESCREENs at CHOSEN Store.

1. Think Besant Sunscreen with a colour matched tint – and there you get Howrah Sunscreen! If you are skin tone V – VI, then SAFESCREEN® Howrah Sunscreen gives you very good tone compatibility.

2. The best part is that the tint comes naturally from Silymarin, which is a known UV protection booster.

3. This SAFESCREEN® Howrah Sunscreen is not a sunscreen lotion, but a sunscreen mousse – for those of you, who love a matte, primer kind of finish for your no make up look!

4. Howrah and Besant SAFESCREENs are the best sunscreens for those with oily skin to very oily skin types. If you would call yourself as having greasy skin, Howrah Sunscreen would you suit you very well.

5. Outdoors and a lot of sweating? Yoga on the deck? Run in the sun – Howrah can handle all of this with ease.

6. Hated mineral sunscreens because they pill on the skin? You will fall in love with the finish of this blended sunscreen, which maintains a low nano profile, and still delivers very good cosmetic acceptability.

7. Looking for a physical sunscreen, but don’t know where to start? You can easily begin your sunscreen journey with this starter sunscreen Howrah, which comes to you in an easy to carry around pouch.

8. SAFESCREEN Howrah Sunscreen is recognized as one of the best sunscreens in India for oily skin, especially for those exposed to pollution-related skin damage, in addition to sun damage, as it acts like a physical shield against the elements. This is due to the unique nature of the blended zinc in this SAFESCREEN Sunscreen, with a silicone content of 0.45%.

9. There are no chemical filters, parabens, added fragrances or agents with mutagenic potential in this sunscreen.

10. The best way to use this sunscreen is to apply it on clean, dry skin and let it blend in well. It may take up to 7-10 minutes for the sunscreen to settle down on the skin. Do not apply the sunscreen right after washing your face, to avoid trapping the moisture if you already have oily skin. Howrah is a sunscreen for face, you would need to use a different sunscreen for the neck and for the body.

SAFESCREEN Howrah Sunscreen is a very special sunscreen in that, it was created on demand for users who enjoyed SAFESCREEN Besant Sunscreen and wanted the amazing finish of SAFESCREEN Besant Sunscreen in some more tones. And here is Howrah Sunscreen! Go ahead and enjoy this variant right away!

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