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How can you clear up acne?

on August 22, 2023

Acne, commonly called pimples, is a multifactorial skin condition that can be commonly seen in teenagers, referred to as adolescent acne and can also be seen in adults referred to as adult onset acne. Is it necessary to treat acne? Yes, it is important to take action in the earlier stages of acne in order to avoid complications like Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation(PIH) and scarring. In this blog, you will get to know the best way to control acne at home with the best skincare products from CHOSEN.

  • Follow a proper skin care routine:
  • Start following a good skin care routine as it can reduce acne to a very good extent. The 3 must have products to control acne includes a mineral sunscreen, a chemical peel and a bedtime face serum. 

    • External factors like sun exposure, pollution and artificial gadget lights can worsen acne. So it is important to use a broad spectrum mineral sunscreen with antipollution and blue light blocking properties. Some of the best sunscreens for acne include, Madras Marina and antioxidant SAFESCREENs.

    • Incorporate a salicylic acid chemical peel in your evening routine, which can unclog pores, reduce inflammation and control the growth of acne causing Cutibacterium acnes. Light Routine Easy chemical peel can be best for everyday use and Light Routine Gentle Waterless Exfoliator can be best for once weekly use.

    • At bedtime, use a face serum with actives that controls acne. White Pine Pycnogenol Mousse is the best face serum in India for comedonal acne and Redcovery Tranexamic Acid Serum for inflammatory acne. This serum not only controls acne but also prevents redness and acne induced hyperpigmentation.

    Complete Skincare Routine

  • Avoid comedogenic skin products:
  • Stop using comedogenic skincare products, especially heavy occlusive moisturizers and products that contain vegetable oils and essential oils. Also, avoid the usage of toners which can worsen acne.

    Prevent Clogged Pores
  • Stay physically active:
  • Engage yourself in some sort of physical activity like gym, sports or yoga, which can improve blood circulation and balance hormone levels reducing the incidence of acne breakouts

    Stay Physically Active
  • Limit intake of foods that trigger acne:
  • Consider limiting or avoiding foods that can aggravate acne, which includes milk and dairy products, deep fried foods and highly processed foods. Eat a well balanced diet rich in protein and increase intake of fruits and vegetables. Supplement your diet with the best collagen supplements in India like TOR Classic, Mighty or Beaut marine collagen powders. These collagen supplements promote faster skin healing and reduce post acne scarring.

    Collagen Supplement
  • Hydrate:
  • Don’t forget to drink adequate water everyday which can help flush out toxins from your body and promote overall skin health. If you are bored to drink water throughout the day, then supercharge it with powerful antioxidants from WAH-TOR. WAH-TOR contains Pycnogenol, Astaxanthin and Phycocyanin and comes to you in refreshing natural flavours so that you can mix them up in a bottle of water and enjoy drinking water the entire day.

    Vegan Collagen Builder

    To get the best acne control products in India, check out our Skin Glow Combo and Self Love Combo in our supersavers section.