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Top 10 reasons why Darjeeling SAFESCREEN might just be the best sunscreen for you!

on August 15, 2022

Top 10 reasons why Darjeeling SAFESCREEN® Sunscreen might just be the best sunscreen for you!

1. It hits the high numbers as an SPF 60 sunscreen - The highest SPF among the current set of SAFESCREENS!

2. It has a high UVA PF too. Its UVA protection factor gives it a PA ++++ rating. So you have a complete broad spectrum sunscreen that covers critical wavelengths too.

3. But who is this the best sunscreen for – those who love layering sunscreen over their moisturisers. For those in cold climates, layering moisturisers under sunscreen is a climate driven need, and this sunscreen is a perfect sync for going on over your moisturizer in cold.

4. Who else is likely to love this high SPF sunscreen? Outdoor enthusiasts, into activities like high altitude sports or water sports, where it is recommended to use a moisturizer first, and then to apply a sunscreen over!

5. What else is great about this sunscreen? SAFESCREEN Darjeeling Sunscreen has a very good spreadability and is a great body sunscreen, and is priced perfectly to suit large volume uses. This can be your staple holiday tan prevention sunscreen!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add on body moisturizer first.

6. SAFESCREEN Darjeeling Sunscreen is a unique mixture of a coated non nano zinc boosted by butyl octyl salicylate, to provide high SPF protection. Perfect for vacations, outdoor holidays and anyplace where you might find it difficult to reapply.

7. There are no added fragrances, colours or anything unnecessary in this sunscreen, much like the other SAFESCREENS! The innate aroma of Butyl Octyl Salicylate takes 30-45 seconds to wear off.

8. SAFESCREEN Darjeeling Sunscreen is water resistance tested for upto 8 hours. So under real usage conditions of sweating and swimming, you are good to go with a single application for upto 3-4 hours of exposure.

9. Because of the SPF boosting of Butyl Octyl Salicylate, we would not recommend SAFESCREEN Darjeeling Sunscreen for pregnancy and nursing. We’d recommend a great pregnancy safe sunscreen SAFESCREEN Brigade Road Sunscreen which again is also nursing safe.

10. This sunscreen is all about action – wear it on your outdoor run, wear it for outdoor yoga, wear it for when you cant take a break to reapply – use this whenever you need a high SPF to hold up for missing out on reapplication.

Can you use this sunscreen without a moisturizer? Yes you can! If you have oily or greasy skin, your sebum can stand in for a moisturizer and you can skip straight to sunscreen. Or when you anticipate a lot of sweat, then again you can skip the moisturizer. Get your hands on this SPF 60 sunscreen lotion now!