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Block the blue for your skin to glow

on March 06, 2024

In today's modern world, gadgets are found everywhere. We now live in a time where it's quite likely that we will use or see at least one device each day. While the usage of gadgets in this generation is seemingly high, there are potential health risks associated with it.

Indeed, a number of studies have connected blue light from electronics to skin ageing. Not just your skin but also your overall health by disrupting your sleep cycle.

Your skin versus blue light:

Blue Light vs Skin


According to studies, blue light directly and indirectly affects the skin.

Excessive blue light exposure, especially at night, throws off your body's circadian rhythm, which affects the skin regeneration process at bedtime.

This artificial light causes excess reactive oxygen species (ROS), lowering cell viability and ageing skin.

Blue light from device screens interacts with pigment cells and activates them, leading to skin hyperpigmentation.

Blue Block® PM Serum versus gadget lights:

Blue Light vs Blue Block

Do you feel like you've been exposed to too much blue light?

Don't worry;

Treat your skin right with the best face serum, Blue Block® PM Serum

CHOSEN’s Blue Block® PM Serum is an ideal partner for a digital detox. But what's the science behind its effectiveness?

Malachite gemstone and Withania somnifera, or Indian ginseng, are among Blue Block® PM Serum's 99% natural ingredients.

Withania somnifera:

  • Fights skin fatigue, revitalising your complexion
  • It acts as a protective shield for your skin cells, alleviating the impact of blue light exposure on your skin.

Malachite gemstone:

  • Increase the activity of skin rejuvenating enzymes, promoting the renewal of skin cells.
  • Reduces free radical damage, contributing to a healthier skin barrier.

Begin your digital detox journey by applying a few drops of Blue Block® PM Serum in the evenings.

For an unbeatable defence against blue light, sun protection, and an extra burst of moisture during the day, add the latest sunscreen – SAFESCREEN® NEXGEN to your morning routine.

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