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How does Caffeine work for Hair Growth?

on August 29, 2022

Here’s a picture guide to understanding how the caffeine in Morning Lark® Caffeine Daily works to increase your hair growth.

Let’s start with the hair cycle.

Hair growth cycle

From the time we are born until the end of our lives, our hair is in a constant cycle of events.

The 3 main parts of this hair cycle are anagen, telogen and catagen. 


Human hair growth


In a normal hair cycle, the proportion of hairs in different phases of the hair cycles are like this:

Hair growth phases

In male pattern hair loss and in female pattern hair loss, this balance of this cycle is upset due to hormonal factors.

Reduction: In the duration of the anagen(growth) phase of the hair

Increase: In the proportion of hairs in catagen (resting) and telogen(falling) hair phases

Hair growth phases

Reduction: Thickness of individual hair strands

Reduction: In Pigmentation of the hair

Hair growth cycle

Now let us learn about how and where Melatonin and Caffeine work to protect your hair, reduce hair shedding, increase hair strand thickness, and increase scalp coverage.

Caffeine and the Hair Cycle:

In pattern hair loss, testosterone becomes activated to DHT and causes hair loss, like here below 👇

Caffeine and the hair cycle

Caffeine has the ability to get inside the follicles, where it counteracts DHT, by increasing hair cell metabolism. This effect which starts as early as 120 hours after caffeine exposure, prevents the hair from getting miniaturized.

Further caffeine keeps the hair in the growth phase for longer, increases the elongation of the hair shaft, thus helping you grow long hair, and stimulates hair root keratinocytes, giving you stronger, healthier hair.

- Caffeine lengthens the anagen phase

- Reduces Catagen and Telogen Phase

- Speeds up hair stimulation

- Thickens existing hair 

- Reduces hair shedding 

- Fights against hormone induced hair thinning.

Benefits of caffeine for hair

Caffeine has been research proven to provide holistic hair growth, whether you are looking to arrest hair fall rapidly or if you are looking to regrow hair that has been lost due to the effect of testosterone. This makes Caffeine a great hair loss prevention ingredient as well as a hair regrowth molecule. 

Morning Lark Caffeine series is an innovative approach to caffeine hair serums. The Caffeine Daily solution offers continued hair loss prevention. It is very easy to follow the caffeine hair growth protocol, which provides a clear idea of the induction phase and the maintenance phase. Based on the clinical response that you are seeing with the actual use of these hair growth serums, as recommended in the protocol, you can plan your own personal hair loss treatment program. 

Caffeine hair serums are innovatively created at CHOSEN to be a part of the circadian rhythm hair cycle reset. With a meso concentrate and a daily version, the idea is to provide a sustainable solution, but at the same time, the protocol also clearly guides on when to seek a doctor’s help for hair loss. Redensyl Caffeine is a recently introduced meso combo, which is used to speed up the process of arresting your hair fall. Know more about Caffeine Redensyl Hair serum here.

Melatonin is the other important part of this hair cycle reset program, and you can learn more about this miracle product here.


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