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10 things you should understand before starting on your hair loss treatment journey for male pattern hair loss.

on March 07, 2021

1. The predominant cause of balding happens to be genetic, and hormonally driven. Since this is something that we cannot do away with, most male pattern hair loss treatments are about delaying the process of visible loss of density, rather than completely reversing the hair fall.

2.We don’t still completely know the exact mechanics of the genetic predisposition, but maternal factors are said to play a (slightly) larger role. Also, if there are more first and second degree relatives with hair fall, the chances of a more severe hair fall, or a rapid rate of hair loss, or early appearance of a receding hairline, are all higher.

3. Lifestyle factors play a major role in precipitating pattern baldness. This is one of the main reasons why hair loss in men has become much more common, of late. The top 2 lifestyle factors that are to blame are smoking and poor sleep hygiene. If you have a genetic risk of balding, and if you are thinking about how to prevent hair fall, lifestyle factors are a great place to start.

4. There is no such thing as one best hair loss treatment for men, or for women, for that matter. Hair loss is a multifactorial problem, and needs a holistic approach. Also, the response rates are very different between individuals, so a long term plan works best to track and correct the hair loss trajectory. Hair cycles are measured in months and years, so it is practical to have a realistic understanding of the treatment timeline.

5. Genetic hair loss is strongly driven by hormones, and it is a fact that you will have a lot of hormone flux during your adolescent and early to mid-adult life. Accordingly, male pattern hair loss needs a long term program of management. There is no short cut to stop hair loss permanently, be it for men or women.

6. However, hair loss treatment for men differs a lot from that for women, for obvious reasons, such as well, hormones. Women undergo phases of hair fall, while for men it is a pretty persistent process throughout adult life. For example, in pregnancy women experience a lot of hair growth, and experience a lot of hair fall after delivery. Such phasing is not commonly seen in male hair loss.

7. Certain drugs like Finasteride can reverse and restore the receding hairline. However, the side effect profile needs to be carefully judged while planning drug therapy for hair loss in men. It may be advisable to consider adding on an antioxidant like White Pine® Pycnogenol®, for a sperm protective effect.

8. Applications like caffeine  in Morning Lark™ Caffeine Concentrate and melatonin in Night Owl® Melatonin Scalp Lotion, help to reset the hair loss cycle, and are very valuable adjuvant therapies in managing hair loss in men.

9. Nutraceuticals like methylsulfonylmethane in TOR™ Bright which contains OptiMSM®, help in improving the strength of keratin, which is the main structural protein of hair. Marine collagen has been researched and found to help androgenetic hair loss in men and women. TOR™ Prime containing Verisol® F is a premium marine collagen that is safe, effective and very easy on the palate!

10. Hair regrowth is best seen as a combination approach. Medical management helps prevent further hair loss and supports regrowth where possible. Topical agents prolong the anagen (growth) phase of the hair, making the hair withstand the hormonal onslaught better. Procedural treatments help stimulate the dormant hair stem cells, which may then kept in the growth phase with topical agents and medical management. And finally, the frontal hairline may still need a surgical line of management like a hair transplant.
To summarize, a holistic approach is what happens to be the best hair loss treatment for men!