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5 reasons why Nuzest® is your ultimate protein supplement!

on July 14, 2021

Have you been spending hours on the web trying to find "the best protein supplement" for your body? Are you confused and overwhelmed by the gazillion supplements you'll need to take to make sure your body gets it all? We heard you, and we're here with a solution! Check out the Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein from CHOSEN's Stuff That Works® range that has got you covered when it comes to holistic skincare, both from the outside and within!

1) Strong and healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Protein plays several roles in the body, including the growth and maintenance of healthy hair, skin, and nails. The body can make 11 of the 20 basic amino acids. The other 9 amino acids need to be obtained through the diet.


Protein is found in virtually every part of your body, including your skin, hair, and nails. It is made up of around twenty basic amino acids and is one of the building blocks of your skin tissue that makes you into what you are. Hence, it's no surprise that it's essential for healthy skin. It helps maintain and regenerate your skin by repairing its tissues and mediating its physiological functions. It helps repair wounds and scars faster by reducing inflammation and regenerating new skin tissues.

One of the key proteins that your body makes from amino acids is keratin! We sure love keratin as it helps give our skin, hair, and nails their structure, rigidity, and their protective powers! Collagen and elastin are the other two structural proteins that make up the skin. These help with skin elasticity, healing, and reducing wrinkles caused by aging and other environmental factors.

As your body doesn't store the amino acids required to make these proteins, it is crucial for you to intake the essential amino acids from dietary sources and other supplements. Research has indicated that the source of protein, rather than the amount of protein, makes a difference in our health. The key takeaway of this study is that eating protein from sources like peas, beans, nuts, or fish is healthier compared to processed meat, which comes with a risk of several diseases. That is why we bring to you Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein which is vegan and GMO-free and is made up of Premium European golden peas with a patented water-based enzyme technology. Consuming protein from a healthy source like Nuzest® reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which is associated with consuming unhealthy sources of protein. This also helps you manage your skin's everyday protein requirements. Vegan/vegetarian sources of protein aren't sufficient by themselves, hence along with healthy sources of protein like Nuzest®, we recommend you to consume TOR Classic for collagen production and TOR Bright for keratin. Adding White Pine® Pycnogenol® can also be extremely helpful in keeping that collagen young!

The Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is derived from European golden peas, and it's sugar and dairy-free! So, it can safely be consumed by those suffering from rosacea and acne as it doesn't cause breakouts like other protein powders.


Much of the preventable hair problems these days are due to poor diet and nutrition. Our hair is made up of keratin, a protein-rich in amino acid cysteine. Research suggests that lack of protein can cause hair thinning and hair loss. A low dietary intake of protein leads to brittle hair and slow hair growth as the body lacks the amino acids required to support healthy, strong hair! Consuming Clean Lean Protein along with TOR Bright will help increase your body's natural keratin production resulting in stronger hair follicles, healthy and shiny hair.

You can also use the Morning Lark® Serums to decrease the hair shedding and increase the thickness of hair strands along with the Night Owl® Melatonin Solution to reset your hair shedding cycle and get anti-oxidative benefits.


Keratin production not only helps with skin and hair but also provides strong and healthy nails. Protein deficiency can result in weak and brittle nails. Consuming adequate amounts of protein via healthy sources can help you ditch the dry, brittle nails and say hi! to strong, shiny nails. Additional supplementation with TOR Bright, a keratin promoter, will also help you get naturally strong, shiny, and healthy nails that look like you just got a mani-pedi.

2) Supports weight management, muscle gain, and recovery!

Nuzest® is high in protein and low in carbs to help you feel fuller for longer. This will aid you with your weight management journey and help you beat that 3-pm slump! The Clean Lean Protein is rich in glutamine, which helps you regenerate your muscles, helps you recover faster, feel less sore, and achieve your desired result soon. It also helps you recover from lactic acid build-up due to an intense workout. Consuming it before work out increases protein synthesis, which increases muscle growth and performance. Taking it after a workout might also help speed up the repair of muscles. Nuzest® meets all your essential amino acid requirements, so look no further.

3) Better than other proteins in the market!

Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is a plant-based protein that is high in protein and low in carbs. It contains all the nine essential amino acids and provides the building blocks for vitality, repair, recovery, and muscle growth. Nuzest is vegan, paleo, and kosher. It's free from common allergens such as gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy. It's certified GMO-free and sugar-free as well! It does not have any fillers, preservatives additives, and nothing artificial. It is made of 100% plant extracts without anti-nutrients such as lectins and phytates found in legumes. It doesn't cause bloating and leaves no aftertaste. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners. It's sweetened by Katemfe fruit extracts from West Africa, which is a fruit protein. It is Alkaline. It's made with European golden peas, which are rich in BCAAs and glutamine, which can't be produced by our body, though essential for lean muscle mass and muscle recovery. It does not clump or taste chalky. It mixes smoothly into a creamy texture and comes in two delicious flavors; chocolate and vanilla. Visit this link for recipes from people around the world!

4) Great for your gut health!

Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is easily digestible with a 98% digestibility rating. It doesn't contain toxins that kill your good gut bacteria! It's incredibly gentle on the gastrointestinal tract. It is clean from fillers, gums, and artificial preservatives, which further increases its digestibility. A healthy gut also helps with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema caused by inflammations and allergies.

5) Sustainable crop and an environment-friendly choice!

Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is absolutely sustainable. Peas are known for their sustainable nature as they use less land and water than other protein sources like whey or soy. They also add nitrogen back into the soil. Clean Lean Protein is manufactured using a patented water-based enzyme technology, a completely natural process without hexanes and solvents. The product is entirely clean and free of all contaminants. Obtaining high-quality protein from vegetable sources requires lesser environmental resources compared to the other options in the market. So… it's better for our planet too!

Nuzest® Clean Lean Protein is a yummy and easy way to hike up your daily protein intake and get strong and healthy hair, skin, and body. Go, grab yours using this link now!