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5 features to look for, in a pregnancy safe sunscreen!

on August 02, 2022

There are 5 important aspects that make a sunscreen safe for pregnancy and nursing. These are the specific UV filters that are used to provide the sun protection in the first place. Next comes the grade and quality of these UV filters. And the third important factor is the amount of natural content in your sunscreen. Of course, parabens are not recommended in sunscreens as well, and a pregnancy safe sunscreen should not contain artificial fragrances.

UV filters:

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen without chemical filters

The US FDA considers only zinc and titanium based mineral filters as safe for pregnancy and nursing. This is because chemical filters are known to get absorbed into the human body, and the long term impact of such absorption is not clearly known. Based on certain animal studies that have shown some endocrine disruption, these chemical filters are NOT recommended for use in pregnancy anymore.

Nano versus non nano filters:

Non Nano Mineral Sunscreen

Again, given the possibility of absorption of nano based products, even if they are physical sunscreens, it is preferable to use products with non nano minerals. Non nano mineral sunscreens are considered as pregnancy safe and nursing safe.

Natural content:

Natural Mineral Sunscreen

The highest natural content provides the best level of safety for your little one, and yourself in pregnancy.


Paraben free Sunscreen

Parabens are best avoided in long contact products, like sunscreens, even if they are meant for use by those who are not pregnant or nursing. More so, a pregnancy safe sunscreen should ideally not contain any parabens or phthalates which are considered to have some level of endocrine disruption.

Synthetic or artificial fragrances or colours:

Natural Physical Sunscreen

Some synthetic additives like colours and fragrances, may not be approved for use in pregnancy. So it is best, to go for pregnancy safe sunscreens which do not carry any synthetic additives like artificial perfumes.

It is highly recommended that you go through this list, before you shop for any pregnancy safe sunscreen, or you could simply pick up the SAFESCREEN® Brigade Road Sunscreen. We have made for you, a trustworthy pregnancy safe sunscreen – Brigade Road which ticks all the boxes, we just discussed, so that you can save time on searching, and add some precious minutes to your ME Time!

Pregnancy Safe Mineral Sunscreen

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