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Hair care routine in pregnancy

on November 30, 2022

How to look after your hair during this phase of happiness, stress, hormonal fluctuations and whatnot!

We have some basic hair care tips which can help you navigate this phase with ease.

1. Relax! Pregnancy actually helps your hair grow. So, sometimes, all you need is to sit back, relax and enjoy lovely thick hair!

2. Keep up your protein and vitamin intake. Your prenatal vitamins (iron/folic acid/calcium) also promote good hair growth. Speak to your gynaecologist for a good protein recommendation, if you are unable to maintain your intake through diet alone. You can also consider collagen and pea protein supplements, after getting the go-ahead from your gynaecologist.

Best supplements for healthy skin

3. Do your best to stick to the optimal circadian rhythm. Avoid late nights as much as possible, since good sleep hygiene has been proven not only to help your hair, but also your baby’s neurocognition through a phenomenon called fetal programming. Sleeping on a regular schedule and avoiding late nights where you can, helps reduce the chances of preterm delivery and postpartum depression, plus it helps your hair.

Sleep better

4. Most hair serums (left on the hair shaft) are considered safe in pregnancy. Make sure to avoid products with heavy colours and fragrances. Avoid essential oils completely.

avoid products with heavy colours and fragrances. Avoid essential oils completely.

5. To colour or not to colour? While there is no specific health risk for hair colouring in pregnancy, based on usage data – we would recommend that you take this call in consultation with your doctor. It is always best to avoid chemical hair treatments as much as possible, but then again, if proper precautions like adequate ventilation are taken, it should be okay. But let your doc have the last word on this!

consultation with your doctor

6. Hair care products in pregnancy need to be inert without actives. Now is a good time to look for paraben free and phthalate free hair care products, typically like the Giovanni group of products.


Giovanni shampoo and conditioner


Less is more in this phase! Here’s wishing you good health and glorious hair throughout your pregnancy! If you're looking for a pregnancy safe skin care tips, check out our previous blog.

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