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Top self care tips for Nursing Moms

on January 18, 2023

Congratulations on entering this lovely phase of your life. We have some super useful tips for you for practicing safe skin care around your baby.

1. Physical sun protection is the best way to go for early days. If you must use a sunscreen to protect against excessive sun exposure, you can use the long wear, nursing safe sunscreen – SAFESCREEN Brigade Road. You can be more regular with sunscreen as your child gets past the 6 month mark.

Pregnancy and nursing safe sunscreen


2. Application sunscreens are not recommended for babies less than 6 months of age. Clothing is the best way to protect baby’s skin from sun exposure. Even better would be to avoid excessive outdoor sun exposure during the first 6 months.

Protect baby's skin

3. Dryness of body skin is the top complaint that mommies face during this period. Feel free to borrow from your baby’s skin care products – especially moisturizer and body wash.

4. Look for and use lead free lipsticks. Organic lip balms work best for this period, to combat lip dryness – choose from any of the nourishing, pregnancy safe lip balms from our Curator’s Choice range.

Pregnancy safe lip balms

5. Aim for a reasonable sleep cycle. Avoid long hours of gadget light exposure both for you and for your baby.

6. Avoid any applications on the areas that might come in contact with the baby – avoid any product usage on the breast and nipple areas before breastfeeding.

Avoid cosmetics before breast feeding

7. Avoid the use of strong perfumes, and cosmetics that are too brightly coloured.

Avoid perfumes and cosmetics with artificial colours

8. When you are using powder compact or any powder based cosmetics , step away from the baby,  and avoid exposing the baby to the dust of the cosmetic. Inhaled powder cosmetic ingredients are not safe for the baby, especially if there is long term exposure.

Stay away from baby while applying compact powder

9. Go high on protein intake. Skin sagging, hair fall, post partum body contour – all of them can be improved with a protein rich diet. Add on supplements as cleared by your lactation consultant.

Best collagen supplements for skin in India

10. Relax and get yourself some me time! Babies can sense your stress levels, and your skin can sense your stress too. Work on getting back to your routine, and monitor your energy levels to help you enjoy this phase.

Go ahead and pamper yourself with the safest skin care products, handpicked for you.

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