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SAFESCREEN® Sunscreen Scoop 1.25ml - Redeem for 100 Zola Points

    SAFESCREEN® Sunscreen Scoop 1.25ml - Redeem for 100 Zola Points

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    Are you applying the right amount of sunscreen every day?

    According to current data, the recommended amount of sunscreen to achieve the desired SPF is roughly 2 mg per square centimetre of skin. However, this guideline may not be feasible for everyone, and research indicates that many individuals apply less sunscreen than advised.

    How to get the right amount of sunscreen for application?

    CHOSEN has introduced sun screen scoop, an accessory designed to help you apply the correct amount of sunscreen for optimal sun protection.

    This simple measuring scoop, developed based on research conducted by Srinivas et al., determines the total quantity of sunscreen needed for the face for both men and women in millilitres (ml).

    According to our findings, approximately 1.3 ml of SAFESCREEN® sunscreen is needed for the face based on the average surface area of the Indian male and female faces from this study. However, there may be slight variations between individuals. To address this, we have introduced the sunscreen calculator.

    Sunscreen calculator to choose the right scoop for you:

    All you need to do is simply input your parameters like height and weight in the calculator and it suggests the amount of sunscreen needed for your face in ml. Then, select the scoop size that aligns closely with the provided suggestion.

    To suit diverse Indian facial needs, currently, three variants of sun screen scoops are made available to you: a 1ml sun screen scoop and a 1.25 ml sun screen scoop.

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    SAFESCREEN® sunscreen scoop is an accessory that measures the right quantity of sunscreen for each application to meet the current sunscreen application guidelines. By applying SAFESCREEN® using this scoop, you can achieve the expected SPF, ensuring maximum sun protection.

    Fill the scoop with your favourite SAFESCREEN® sunscreen. If it's a pump based sunscreen like Brigade Road, you may need to dispense 5 to 6 pumps to fill the scoop, but if you use tube based sunscreen like NEXGEN, you can directly squeeze into the scoop until it fills the edge of its mouth. Now apply the sunscreen in dots all over your face and massage gently for the sunscreen to settle on your skin. You can also apply in layers for even coverage.

    Yes, make sure to clean this sunscreen scoop after every use so that you can reuse it for as long as desired.

    The sunscreen scoop roughly holds 1.25- 1.3 ml of SAFESCREEN® sunscreen, which is adequate for the Indian face for a single application.

    You can clean the sunscreen scoop with a clean cloth or tissue after use. You can wash it in clean water and pat dry with a cloth.

    When storing the sunscreen scoop, make sure to keep it in a clean, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat.