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OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua
OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua
OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua
Best face moisturizer for dry skin
Best face moisturizer for dry skin
Best moisturiser for face
OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua
OptiMIST WaterBody Aqua Face Moisturizer

    OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua

    Hydration without occlusion

    QUANTITY : 20 ml

    KEY BENEFITS : Hydration without Occlusion | Anti-Acne | Soothing & Calming | Reduction in Redness | Wound Healing

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    Heal &
    Lock the moisture in for deeper nourishment
    with OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua

    Achieve optimal hydration for your face, neck, hands and feet with OptiMSM®
    an active ingredient that soothes, heals and repairs your skin effectively.

    Optimal hydration
    The power of aqua
    The power of aqua
    Heal & Hydrate
    deeper nourishment
    repairs your skin
    Water for your Body
    The power of aqua

    Increases Skin Hydration by 170%

    Hydration without occlusion
    Hydration without
    Wound Healing
    Wound Healing
    Soothing & Calming
    Soothing &
    Anti Acne
    Redness reduction
    Reduction in
    Active Hydration

    for an active lifestyle

    Give your skin the moisture it needs to stay calm, supple & free of irritation.

    What does OptiMSM® do for my skin?
    Active Ingredient

    - Methylsulfonylmethane
    & Beet extracts -

    MSM is known for its wound healing properties, while hydrating your skin without occlusion. Beet extracts increase the moisture retention capacity of the skin for long lasting hydration.

    Wound Healing
    Hydration in Humidity

    Priming with OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua is adequate to achieve well hydrated and fresh looking skin.

    Hydration in Dry/Cold Weather

    Use OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua and then layer over with your regular moisturizer, particularly if using it for very dry skin or ichthyosis. For the face, use it before you apply your moisturizer and follow through with sunscreen.

    Anti-Acne Action

    MSM has anti-inflammatory action for acne and reduces redness in affected areas, giving you supple and soothed skin.

    Anti-Acne Action
    Optimist Waterbody

    OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua

    Hydration Highlights

    OptiMIST WaterBody™ Hydration Highlights

    Cruelty free | Vegan active | Clinically tested | No artificial fragrance | Gluten free | Layer sync | Microplastic free | No parabens | Oil free formulations | Non-comedogenic | High purity | Eco friendly


    OptiMSM® is the purest and safest form of Methylsulfonylmethane(MSM) in the world, backed by several clinical studies. It is manufactured in the United States and GRAS certified by the US FDA.

    Methylsulfonylmethane(MSM) is an organic sulphur compound with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Sulphur plays a key role in boosting keratin, which is the fibrous protein that makes up the structure of the skin.

    OptiMSM® in OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua offers several benefits to the skin as follows, - Skin hydration - Soothes and calms the skin - Heals and repairs the skin - Prevents Acne breakouts - Reduces redness. For optimal results, it is advisable to use OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua moisturizer for at least 2 to 4 weeks.

    As an antioxidant, OptiMSM® in OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and promotes anti-ageing.

    OptiMSM® in OptiMIST WaterBody® effectively reduces acne as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Yes, OptiMSM® in OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua moisturiser will work in reducing pigmentation.

    OptiMSM® in OptiMIST WaterBody® Aqua moisturizer provides intense hydration without occluding the skin.