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Apple Bhel Chat with WAH-TOR™ Astaxanthin Vegan Collagen Builder


Apple Bhel Chat with WAH-TOR™ Astaxanthin Vegan Collagen Builder

Looking for a healthy and delicious snack that is perfect for any time of the day? Look no further than the Apple Bhel Chat with WAH-TOR™  Astaxanthin vegan collagen builder! This unique twist on traditional Indian street food is a delightful blend that is perfect for a midday break or an evening treat. So why wait? Grab a bowl and savour the crunchy goodness of this delicious snack today!


Apple - ½ med sized (peel the skin and grated)

Puffed rice - 70g

Carrot - 1 med sized (grated)

Tomato - 1 med sized ( finely chopped)

Roasted peanuts - 2 tbsp.

Mint chutney - 2 tsp.

Salt - as per taste

Dates chutney - 2 tbsp.

Jeera powder - ½ tsp.

Chat masalas - ½ tsp.

Chilli powder - ½ tsp.

Collagen builder 1 scoop (WAH-TOR Astaxanthin)


1. In a bowl, add the puffed rice, grated carrot, grated apple, chopped tomato, and roasted peanuts and mix them well.

2. Then add the dates chutney, mint chutney, salt, chilli powder, jeera powder, and chat masala and mix it well.

3. Add the collagen builder and give a gentle mix.

4. Serve it in a bowl and enjoy the evening snack.


Nutritional Value

Energy Protein Carbohydrates Fat
362.6 kcal 14.8 g 100.1 g 13.78 g



  • Decreases skin wrinkles

  • Helps in post-workout recovery

  • Fights photopigmentation

  • Prevents collagen breakdown